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Workout When You Are Busy

I know you’re busy.   You’re running around all the time with your kids. You have a boss who asks questions at 4:45PM right before you’re supposed to leave. You have a zillion things to do, and it never seems like you can get them all done.   Which is

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Yellow Rose Fitness – Youth Program Information

Yellow Rose Fitness is proud to offer our youth fitness program where we strive to help our youth love exercise for the rest of their lives. If you are ready to sign up, please scroll to the bottom for the appropriate sign up link! Please fill this out before showing

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My Weight Loss Story

Did you know that at one point I lost 71 pounds?   True story.   Just before we opened up Yellow Rose, I was pretty miserable. I was in a serious rut, and I was masking that rut with copious amounts of meals out, and a beer drinking habit that

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What is RPE? And how do we use it?

RPE is an abbreviation that stands for “Rate of Perceived Exertion.” This RPE scale is a 1 – 10 scale, where 1/10 is no perceived effort, and 10/10 is maximal effort. There are a few reasons why we use the RPE scale for our strength work at Yellow Rose Fitness

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Don’t Fall For Complexity Bias

In the fitness social media world, you can scroll for more than 5 minutes without seeing some sort of overly complex HIIT workout, strength combo, or something else to try and keep your attention. You’ve probably seen someone on Instagram take simple movements, make them far more complicated than necessary,

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How To Handle The Holidays

By now, you’ve been inundated by fitness professionals telling you how to handle Thanksgiving.  That’s great, but most of them miss the point. The few holiday/family events we have in a year don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s what we do on the boring and mundane days

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3 Tips For A Better Bench Press

The bench press, while looking quite simple, is actually a pretty technical lift. There are a lot of moving (and not moving) parts to this lift that require attention if we are going to perform this lift optimally. While you could write an entire book on the bench press, I’m

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November and December Programming Outlook

One of the things we love doing at Yellow Rose is keeping you “in the know” with all of the happenings, but specifically with our workouts and programming. While our workouts change every day, we do not subscribe to randomized workouts. Everything has a method and a purpose behind it.

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How To Handle The Game

*How to Handle Game Time and Still Hit Your Goals*  It’s no secret you’re going to be watching some baseball on Friday and Saturday… but that doesn’t mean we have to get all crazy and erase the progress that we’ve made this week (unless that’s worth it to you, which

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Battle Buddy 57

Battle Buddy 57 Hey everyone, Coach Chad here!  If you’ve been to the gym recently, you’ve probably heard you coach telling you that Battle Buddy 57 is coming up again – Dec 3rd, 2022 to be exact.  I know we cover announcement quickly, so I wanted to share a little

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