Work hard. Be nice. Have fun.

We’re ushering in a new era of Yellow Rose with our Advancing Happy movement.

It’s a movement that we couldn’t be more excited about, since it’s really us embodying all of the work we’ve been doing for the past 7+ years helping people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Advancing Happy.

I talked about what advancing happy really is in a previous blog post, but now I want to share about the core values we have at Yellow Rose.

We used to have the core values listed as quality, service, passion, positivity, and growth… and while those are all good things, it gets a bit wordy for what we’re trying to achieve with our community. 

We’ve had 2 other taglines/mantras going this entire time as well. One being, “you can do this” and the other being, “Work hard and be nice.” We’re getting behind one of these now, and adding a small bit to it.

Our Yellow Rose Core Values:

Work hard.

Be nice.

Have fun.

Simple enough, but truly embodies what we do here as a coaching staff, as a member in class, and as a community at large.

We work hard.

The coaches put every ounce of energy into making sure you get the best class possible that day. The members work hard at not only at putting forth physical effort, but doing the silent hard work, consistently showing up, and challenging themselves to be their best. The community works hard as an ecosystem of accountability and safety for everyone who joins us.

We’re nice.

Gyms are intimidating and scary enough. There’s zero room for rudeness or acting like you’ve never been a new person. We treat everyone with respect. We empathize with everyone’s unique journey. We act as a pillar of kindness and support in a world that seems to want to keep you down.

We have fun.

Working out sucks, but working out together can make it suck less. Working out with a bunch of people who are there to blow off some steam, make jokes, laugh, and genuinely mean it when they say, “It’s really good to see you” ?? Well, that’s the best. We don’t need to take things too seriously. We strive to find joy and fun in every interraction.

Here’s to the future of Yellow Rose. We’ll advance happy, we’ll work hard, we’ll be nice, and we’ll have a ton of fun.

See you at the gym.


Clark Hibbs coach at Yellow Rose Fitness


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