youth program

We help kids fall in love with fitness one class at a time.


Mission Statement:

“To instill a love of physical activity and the knowledge required for physical literacy so that youth can experience the life changing impact of becoming lifetime movers.”

Why it WORKS

Weight Is Earned With Good Form

Your student will focus on developing motor patterns that will help them in all future physical activities they want to pursue as well as prevent injuries. Using a heavier weight is a reward only earned when your student has demonstrated good form.

Fitness Journals

Your student will receive a fitness journal where they can track their progress and see all of their hard work in one place. Fitness journal entries are completed every class. The purpose of the journals is to divert your students' focus away from others' performances and instead direct their focus to their own accomplishments.

Coach In Training Program

Your student will have the opportunity to become a "Coach In Training." Coaches In Training get to sharpen their teamwork and leadership skills by helping their coach. This is a title they earn one class at a time by following our class rules and demonstrating respect for their coaches/classmates.

Positive Specific Feedback

Your student will always tell their coach one thing they did well at before they leave class. Additionally, our youth coaches will deliver positive specific feedback during the new skills portion of class and during the workout portion of class. The purpose of this feedback is to build your student's confidence, clearly define expectations, and ultimately foster their love of physical activity.


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