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Discover Yellow Rose

We pride ourselves on not only providing world class group fitness, but also in creating a supportive and motivating environment. With our expert coaching and support community, we will find the right fitness journey for you. The moment you arrive at your first class you will find a community of like-minded people of all ages and body types, committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love our people and we love what we do – and that shows on the gym floor.

People First. Fitness Follows

It’s no secret that being consistent with your fitness is difficult. Going it alone makes it 10X more difficult. To truly follow through on achieving our goals, we need coaches and friends to guide, motivate, and support us. Without these things, a fitness journey is too often cut short right after it begins. We’ve all seen it a thousand times. At Yellow Rose you will find an inspiring community of people who we are invested in your fitness journey from day one.

Why You’ll Love Working Out With Us

Tailored Fitness Programs

Every workout we offer is programmed and tailored specifically to your ability and fitness goals

Specialized Coaching Every Session

Our professionally trained and expert coaches actively coach each class that you attend. You’re never just another number in here. It’s basically personal training in a group setting!

Multidisciplinary Functional Training

Our program uses functional movements that your body is naturally designed to do, and our variety of exercises keeps you coming back for more.

Friendship & Accountability

Our community is our greatest strength. You’ll make lifelong friends to help inspire, challenge and motivate you.

Quality Capped Class Sizes

We want you to get the attention you deserve every session and that’s why all our classes are limited to 12 members at a time.

Clean and Sanitized Facility

Ever since we began, we’ve always been proud of how clean and sanitary our gym is. You’ll notice it as soon as you walk in!

Free Workout Tracking

Our coaches log your workouts, record your personal achievements, and engage with other members through our smartphone app.

Pro Shop

Grab your swag at our in-house Pro Shop! Stock up on supplies to support your workout before, during and after.

Nutritional Guidance

Find out how eating well makes a huge difference to your results with expert nutritional advice and accountability from our coaches.

Meet The Yellow Rose Fitness Team

Fitness Coaches Houston

Clark Hibbs

Owner And Operator

Clark is the owner and operator of Yellow Rose Fitness along with his wife Rachel. With 12+ years in the fitness industry, Clark uses his technical knowledge of movement and his passion for people to help each client find their own unique fitness journey. Outside of the gym, Clark loves to be at home with his family pups, and to play golf. Clark has a bachelor of arts from the University of Houston, and loves all things U of H. Go Coogs!

Fitness Coaches Houston

Rachel Hibbs


Rachel is the Co-Owner of Yellow Rose along with her husband, Clark. She has a degree in English and Secondary Education from the University of Texas at Arlington. After teaching in the classroom for 9 years, she decided to leave her teaching job to pursue nutrition coaching and gym ownership full time. She is an NASM Certified Nutrition coach, and has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight, and live healthier lives. Outside of the gym, Rachel loves curling up on the couch with a good book, binge watching crime documentaries, and spending time with her family.

Fitness Coaches Houston

Brain Saxenian


Brian began his fitness journey in 2012 when he first started doing CrossFit. His passion for coaching stems from his two year tenure teaching a Lab while getting his Masters in Hospitality at the University of Houston (aka The Harvard of Southeast Texas, Go Coogs!). Outside of the gym, Brian loves going to concerts, and spending time with his wife Kati and their two daughters, Sophie & Georgia.

Fitness Coaches Houston

Chase Hacker


Chase is a member of the coaching staff at Yellow Rose. Fitness has been Chase’s main hobby for over 10 years and he is passionate about helping others grow healthier, stronger, and reaching their full potential. Outside of the gym Chase is a tech nerd that enjoys cooking and spending time with his friends.

Fitness Coaches Houston

Nikolle Setley


Nikolle uses her ten years of experience in diverse gym environments to bring a unique perspective as a coach to Yellow Rose Fitness. Relying on human connection and honoring the individual’s unique experiences, Nikolle’s main focus is to use the gym environment to empower members outside of their one hour of fitness each day. If she can teach you how to harness the ability to do hard things in the gym and translate that mentality over to real life, she’s won the game. Outside of the gym, you can probably find Nikolle somewhere outside with her dogs or at home binge-watching a show she’s already seen 100 times.

Fitness Coaches Houston

Alex Nance


Alex graduated in 2010 from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing. Active her whole life, she discovered group fitness and CrossFit and has been hooked ever since. Alex began her coaching career in 2014 part time before making a complete career change to fitness full time in 2015. Outside of the gym, Alex loves riding horses, and spending time with her dogs Sam, Maverick, her husband Michael, and her son Cooper.

Fitness Coaches Houston

Joe Calhoun


Joe first stumbled upon CrossFit’s main site workouts in 2012, but didn’t actually try group strength and conditioning until 2014. He joined after wanting to change up his fitness routine from running and cycling, and was immediately hooked by the electric group environment and enherent accountability. He loves being able to now coach people and help them do things they originally never thought they could. Joe has been coaching at Yellow Rose since 2017, and always makes sure people have fun in his classes and get better!

Fitness Coaches Houston

Laura Tilley


Laura is passionate about incorporating a fitness routine in a busy mom life. She loves connecting with members and helping with the technical details that make big changes over time. She firmly believe you just have to consistently show up, plain and simple. “Being fit makes me a better mom, better wife, and better person. There’s absolutely no downside to committing to fitness! Outside of the gym, I can be found toting kids around town to and fro football, softball, and baseball leading the typical soccer mom life. If I can find the time to squeeze in my workouts, anyone can!”

Fitness Coaches Houston

Laura Flores


Laura is a coach at Yellow Rose Fitness, and has been since 2017. A fitness and sports fanatic her entire life, Laura brings that passion to every single class that she coaches. Her unbridled enthusiasm for fitness and people are shown with the amazing care and detail she gives to each and every person in her classes, regardless of their level. Outside of the gym, you can find Laura watching the Premier League, and coaching the Saint Pius Lady Panthers Soccer Team.

Fitness Coaches Houston

Dan Eakin


Dan developed a passion for fitness while growing up hiking in the Rocky Mountains in Southern Wyoming. He was introduced to group strength and conditioning training during his PhD work at UT Austin in 2010 by his then girlfriend, and now wife, Autumn. After years of participating in classes, he realized his passion to teach and his desire to pass along his knowledge, and has been coaching since 2015. Outside of the gym, Dan loves all things action heroes, and spending time with his wife, son Axel, and daughter Isla.