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Murph Prep Starts NOW

by Clark Hibbs It’s that time of year again! It’s getting hot outside (or hotter if you’re in Texas…), school is winding down, and that big workout you go through every year is coming up… MURPH 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run

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Word of the Week – GRIT

Word of the Week: GRIT by Clark Hibbs GRIT is defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Grit is one of my favorite words/personality traits. It is such a positive, yet aggressive sounding word. It carries weight and metaphorical “oomf” behind it. When you talk to someone who has

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Word of the Week – Discipline

by Clark Hibbs I’m pretty excited to bring about a new series for the blog. The title will be pretty self explanatory… “Word of the Week” Tah-dah! Each week, I’ll write and talk a little bit about a particular word that I believe holds some value for all of you.

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Coach Check In: 6 weeks of 12.

Coach Check In: 6 weeks of 12. Kind of hard to believe that six weeks has already passed since I started this nutrition journey with my coach Josh and Stronger U! The picture above shows both my original starting picture, as well as the picture of me from last night.

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Effort is All That Matters

Effort is All That Matters   by Clark Hibbs This fitness thing can get pretty monotonous at times. It can seem like everyday you go through the motions. Show up to the gym, do the warm up, hit the workouts, go home. It can be very easy to fall into

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How To Be A Good Drop-In

How to be a Good Drop-In Dropping into other CrossFit gyms is AWESOME. It’s a great way to see a new gym, get a new t-shirt, get some different coaching, and truly experience the CrossFit community that exists outside of the gym that you normally go to. Best part is

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Weekend Decisions

by Clark Hibbs Everything we do is a decision. YOU get to decide what you want to do, where to go, who to be around, what to eat, what to drink, etc. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the

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The Ideal Athlete

The Ideal Athlete by Clark Hibbs There are a lot of trainers and coaches out there who have their idea of what the premier or ideal athlete that walks through their front doors would be. Many gym members and fellow athletes even have their own idea of what they think

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3 Week Update – Coach Clark’s Nutrition Journey

*4/14/2017 – Day 21 – 211 pounds – and a bad hair day*  Three Weeks Into Stronger U Today was my three week check in with my coach, Josh, for my Stronger U nutrition program. It’s been three weeks of weigh this, measure that, plan your day, hit your numbers,

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Is Your Gym Membership Really That Expensive?

Is Your Gym Membership Really That Expensive? Today, I came across a quote my friend Mike Doehla posted. “We spend more money on things ruining our health than helping it.” It got me thinking about something I hear all the time from prospective members or from other folks looking into CrossFit. “I

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