Top Gift Picks for Fitness People

We’re officially in the Holiday season, and gift giving will be upon us before we know it.

Maybe you know exactly what you’re getting someone. Maybe you don’t. We’re here to help.

If you have a fitness person in your life, these gift ideas are for sure going to be a winner. If YOU are a fitness person and you aren’t exactly sure what you might want, then you’ll have some solid ideas here too! 

1. A Good Reusable Water Bottle.

I really can’t explain why, but having a brand new water bottle just feels *gooooood.* My personal favorite would either be a Yeti or Stanley since they’re extremely durable, and keep your drinks cold for a long time.

2. SHOES. Omg. SHOES. 

If you understand that reference, you’re my people. A lot of people will ask us, “What gear do I need for the gym?” Truthfully, you don’t need anything extra. However, a good pair of shoes is the first thing we always recommend because they can tremendously help your stability and ability to produce force while we’re lifting.

The tried and true shoes that you’ll see all over the gym: Nike Metcons, Reebok Nanos, and NoBulls. You’re looking for a stable flat bottom shoe with a wide enough toe box that your feet aren’t squished. Both of these shoes will work for you! There’s a million different versions of each, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. I’d suggest you try different pairs since they all fit just a bit differently. 

3. Gift Certificates to Yellow Rose

You might have some movements that you want to get some 1 on 1 sessions with your favorite coach to work on, or you might want to jump into the amazing world of Yellow Rose Nutrition… whatever you’re thinking, we can make that certificate happen for you (we do this EVERY year for people). Simply email [email protected] and we can get whatever custom certificate/package set up for you! 

A very popular option last year was a 10-pack of sessions. This allowed you to get a customized plan in place with your trainer, see the progress, and then leave the 10th session with a ton more skill and fitness!

4. Gym Bags or Backpacks

In the words of Coach Chris, “I’d love a gym bag because I look like a plebe when I bring my change of clothes and shoes and wrist wraps and grips.” While nobody cares what you look like when you’re coming to Yellow Rose, a gym bag IS a really great gift for you! Here are some of my personal favorite brands.

  1. King Kong – Lots of options from this company for a workout backpack (my preferred route) or duffel bags. These are premium.
  1. Basic Rogue Bag – Want something super simple that holds all your stuff without all the fluff? This basic bag is all you need. Even though it’s basic, it’s still high quality material and built to last.
  1. GoRuck Gym Bag – I’m pretty sure anything built from GoRuck will be around for much longer than you and I will, so this is another great option. Right now this one is on sale from $145 to $99!
  1. LuluLemon BackPack – The bags above are great, but what if you want a smaller, not duffel style? This is a great option from Lulu.

5. Yeti BackPack – I know, very basic bro of me, but I love this backpack. Easy to clean, plenty of space, tough and durable.

5. Gear for said gym bag.

When you open up my gym bag (which is actually the yeti backpack linked above), you’ll find the following things in my bag.

  • Goat Tape (we sell at Yellow Rose)
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Gymnastics Grips
  • Jump Rope
  • Heart Rate Monitor 

And that’s it. The tape is there for weightlifting days when I need to hook grip, my wrist wraps are there for hard pressing days, the jump rope is custom fit for me, and I geek out on Heart Rate data, so I have a Garmin HR Monitor that pairs with my Garmin watch. Since we use the RPE system at Yellow Rose, having accurate real time heart rate data is really nice to see if you’re actually following the RPE scale! 

The tape and wrist wraps are a dime a dozen, you can get any versions of that. But here are the jump rope, grips, and HR monitor that I would recommend:

Gymnastics Grips – I only recommend Victory Grips, and I use the 3 finger ones.

HR Monitor Options (note – you’ll need a watch that can pair with whatever you get): 

6. Fitness Watch

I love a fitness watch. Personal note, I detest Apple watches. Low battery life, way too connected with notifications, inaccurate HR readings… blegh. While there are other options out there, my personal favorite and what I recommend to everyone is something from the Garmin family of fitness watches. There’s a wide array of options, but there’s definitely one that will work for you. Personally, I’ve been wearing the the Garmin Fenix series since 2014 and absolutely LOVE it.

Here are my top Garmin picks:

7. Food Scale

I know, not the sexiest gift out there, but this is really useful whenever it comes to tracking your food intake. If you have goals for 2024, you’ll need one of these. Our nutrition coaches can really help you get dialed in with this as well!

8. Massage Guns

These got REALLY popular in 2018, but were quite expensive. Now they’re a lot cheaper, yet still the same quality (and a lot quieter too). If you enjoy massages and being able to do some soreness spot reducing, you can’t go wrong with one of these!

Theragun – This one is the best quality without being outrageously over the top. I highly recommend it!

Bob and Brad – This one is the best value. Cheaper than the Theragun, but not so cheap that it will break quickly.

I wouldn’t go for anything cheaper than the two options above. There are some $29-$49 options out there, but you won’t get the quality or longevity out of these.

9. Knee Sleeves

These can be a great option to help keep your knees warm between sets, and give you a bit of extra support during our higher volume leg workouts. I only recommend the Rehband Knee Sleeves. They’re the best!

5mm knee sleeves will give you more flexibility, while the 7mm knee sleeves will give you more support. 

Shop Knee Sleeves Here

So there you have it. LOTS of gift options that could give you ideas on what to give the fitness person in your life, or what to ask for for YOU.

If you have any questions, or want to know my thoughts/reviews on anything above, feel free to send me an email and we’ll get chatting! [email protected]

Merry Liftmas! 


Clark Hibbs coach at Yellow Rose Fitness


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