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Thanks, Colleen.

There are a few things in life that I know I can count on… Always enjoying the feeling after a workout. Topping my 3 wood on a par 5 after I’ve let the green clear Colleen showing up 10 minutes before the 5AM class, and claiming the spot closest to

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Thanks, Coach Chad.

While the current trend and topic in the fitness industry is “discipline > motivation,” I think that being around motivating people is a key component to success (this is why the group aspect of Yellow Rose is so important for our members). People who motivate and inspire you are the

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A Letter To New Exercisers

A Letter to New Exercisers If you’re reading this right now, I hope it’s because you’ve made the decision that you’re going to start exercising. It might be for the first time in your life, or it might be restarting after a particularly tough period in your life (2020 to

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Growth – Yellow Rose Core Values

In case you haven’t read the first four blog posts…. make sure you check those out here.  We’ve talked quality, service, passion, and positivity. I can’t think of a better subject to end this blog series on than our last core value: growth. GROWTH “A stage in the process of

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Positivity – Yellow Rose Core Values

In case you haven’t read the first three blog posts on Quality, Service, and Passion, check those out first. Today we talk about a core value that I think is incredibly important for a fitness business, but definitely has a ton of nuance to it. POSITIVITY “The state or character

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Passion – Yellow Rose Core Values

In case you haven’t read the first two blog posts about Quality and Service, I highly recommend you do that. This is a series after all!  Let’s talk about our third core value. PASSION “A strong and barely controllable emotion” or “a strong liking or desire for or devotion to

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Service – Yellow Rose Core Values

Following our previous post about quality, it’s time to talk about the next core value we have at Yellow Rose Fitness: Service. SERVICE “the action of helping or doing work for someone, or, a system supplying a public need” We could easily talk about service as it relates to traditional

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Quality – Yellow Rose Core Values

Yellow Rose Core Value – Quality  “What are the core values of Yellow Rose Fitness?”  These are the core values that we’ve had ever since our inception in 2016. While the business has changed and evolved, these core values have been the driving forces throughout our years of helping people

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The Benefits of the Olympic Lifts

-by Clark Hibbs Currently at Yellow Rose, our members are in the throws of a really awesome Olympic Weightlifting cycle. The goal of this cycle is to not only improve the actual lifts, but for our members to also see improvements in other areas of their fitness from these lifts.

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