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Punch the Clock

Punch the Clock -Clark Hibbs There’s this phrase that I use a lot with my nutrition clients, and members of Yellow Rose. It’s a phrase (maybe mantra?) that I have to remind myself of weekly, sometimes even daily. Punch the clock. “Punching the clock” doesn’t mean an act of violence

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So Why The Yellow Rose?

So Why The Yellow Rose? -Clark Hibbs Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions I get asked when we have a new member join up at the gym besides “How often should I workout” and “What kind of gear should I get” is this…  So why the Yellow

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Rest Days – You Need Them

Rest Days -by Clark Hibbs —————— Ever felt beat up after a week in the gym? Absolutely toasted? Sore in places you never thought possible… like elbow joints or the actual shoulder blade? A soreness so deep that it’s in your literal bones? Woof… I have, and it sucks. If

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Don’t Wait

Don’t Wait Did you know it’s October? I know, hard to believe since it was 96 degrees yesterday. But that means in 8 weeks, it’s going to be Thanksgiving. In 12 weeks, it’s going to be Christmas. In 13 weeks, we ring in the new year. BAM – 2020 is

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10 Elements of Fitness

10 Elements of Fitness -Clark Hibbs When Greg Glassman started developing the CrossFit methodology, he knew that he wanted to create a well rounded fitness ideology that would hit all areas of fitness.  He saw problems with the bodybuilding community — there wasn’t enough emphasis on cardiovascular health, flexibility, and

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What Does Your Fridge Look Like?

What Does Your Fridge Look Like? -Clark Hibbs Here’s a question I like to ask someone whenever they want to get serious about a healthy lifestyle or trying to lose weight… What Does Your Fridge Look Like? “Uhhh… stainless steel, french door top, then that annoying “basement freezer” which feels

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Why We Don’t Do 1 Rep Max Squats or Deadlifts

Why We Don’t Max Squats and Deadlifts -by Clark Hibbs ————- I was asked this question the other day by a member whenever we were chatting about the programming at Yellow Rose after a 7AM class.  “Just curious, why don’t we ever do 1 rep max deadlifts or back squats?

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Mindset is Everything

Mindset is Everything -by Clark Hibbs ————————- We’re ridiculously lucky to be living in this current time period. I know, I know… still not “the good old days” for some… but the good old days were lacking a ton of what we have nowadays. For example: In the good old

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Why so serious?

by Clark Hibbs I took a screenshot of my friend Kenny’s Instagram story because, well, it makes so much sense not to share it. “Stop taking training so seriously.” Don’t get me wrong, we DO want people to be serious about many, MANY aspects of training. Technique Appropriate loads Appropriate

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What’s in your gym bag? Gym Gear Guide

What’s in your gym bag? Gym Gear Guide -Clark Hibbs Here’s how the typical CrossFit journey typically goes. Step 1: Reach out to the gym for more information. Step 2: Sign up for the gym. Step 3: On Ramp. Step 4: Group classes. Step 5: …. LET’S BUY ALL OF

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