Punch the Clock

Punch the Clock
-Clark Hibbs

There’s this phrase that I use a lot with my nutrition clients, and members of Yellow Rose.

It’s a phrase (maybe mantra?) that I have to remind myself of weekly, sometimes even daily.

Punch the clock.

“Punching the clock” doesn’t mean an act of violence towards a time piece. The phrase is for shift workers so they can be appropriately compensated for their time. When you get to work, you punch the clock to show what time you arrived. When the work is done, you punch the clock to show what time you finished.

During that time between punches, you’re expected to work, and work hard.

Punching the clock tends to conjure negative imagery. I mean, you never see a punch clock in a glamorous situation, right? It’s always in the back entry to a grungy warehouse building, or in the break room of a Home Depot, or next to HR’s desk at a temp agency.

Punching the clock never sounds all that fun.

And while an actual punch clock is a bit of an archaic way to run an office or shift workers, it still has its psychological value.

When you punch the clock, it’s time to WORK.

I try to have this mentality with a lot of things, and I’m attempting to keep this punching-of-the-clock a focus whenever I have a task that needs to be accomplished. Lazer work focus, ya know?

If I’m going to workout at 7AM, I’m going to punch the clock at 7, and I’m not going to clock out until 8AM. During that time, I’m going to give that workout my best effort. I’m not going to get distracted. I’m not going to worry about other things. I’m going to work hard. This is pretty difficult for me… if you’ve ever been in a class with me when I’m working out and not coaching, there’s a lot of complaining and fit throwing. Not the best example!

If I’m dedicating time to write, I’m going to turn my phone on airplane mode, clock in, write my little keister off, and not clock out until I’m satisfied with something I’ve produced.

If I’m dedicating time to my family, I’m not going to get distracted by emails or texts. I’m going to be in the moment, absorb every little thing I can, and invest in those relationships.

When it’s time for something to get done, whatever it may be, punch the clock.

Put all of your attention into a soul focus.
Limit your distractions.
Get it done.

Punch the clock day in, and day out. You’ve got some work to do, whatever that work may be.



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