What Does Your Fridge Look Like?

What Does Your Fridge Look Like?
-Clark Hibbs

Here’s a question I like to ask someone whenever they want to get serious about a healthy lifestyle or trying to lose weight…

What Does Your Fridge Look Like?

“Uhhh… stainless steel, french door top, then that annoying “basement freezer” which feels wildly inconvenient because I’m never going to find the stuff at the bottom…”

No, not the outside physical description of the fridge. What does the inside of your look like?

What kind of foods do you have?
Stocked up on fruits and veggies?
Do you have enough protein?
Are there “easy enough” meals to make so you don’t fall to the convenience of Uber Eats?
Are there troublesome foods in there that lead you down a path of over-consumption? 

While this is going to completely vary person to person based on taste preference, culture, food history, etc., I can usually dish out (ehhh?) some helpful tips on what I think your fridge should look like.

But since there *is* that aspect of individualization (and what your own family likes), I’m just going to talk about some of the things that are in my own fridge, and you can see how it stacks up to yours. I’ll start at the top, and work my way down to that strangely designed basement freezer.

Let’s eat.

Tupperware on Tupperware on Tupperware of Grilled Meats

We have a LOT of cooked meat ready to be reheated in our fridge. We always make sure we are stocked up on protein so that we can prioritize it at every meal. I actually wrote a whole thing about prioritizing protein here.

But it can be very difficult to prioritize protein at a meal if the protein is not ready to go. I mean, nobody looks at uncooked chicken breast and thinks, “Oh yes time for a very quick and convenient meal.” You’ll end up reaching for something easier (usually in the form of carbs and fats) because of the convenience factor.

However, if you have plenty of protein sources ready to go, it’s easy to always be able to prioritize your protein at every meal. Just slap that grilled bird on a plate, chuck it into the microwave, and nuke that sucker to your liking. Boom. Meal ready in less than 5 minutes. 

Our grilled meats of choice: fajita chicken breast, barbecue chicken breast, 93/7 and 99/1 ground turkey, peppered pork tenderloin, and lean pork loin chops. We’ll eat red meats every so often (Sunday is usually steak night!), but they have higher fat contents which increases calories per serving. We try to keep the meats lean!

Greek Yogurt

This is sort of along the lines of the protein as well. These easy single serving greek yogurts (Light and Fit Greek Yogurt by Dannon) are only 80 calories and come have 12 grams of protein in them. It’s a great way to get a nice low-calorie snack and still get some extra protein in for the day! 

HEB also makes a “Greek 100” yogurt line that is pretty tasty with different flavors than Dannon. 

Fruits and Veggies: Lots of Them

Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, apples, lettuce, kale (gross), arugula, pre-packaged salad kits… there are a lot of greens in this fridge and a lot of fruits as well! 

Fruits are an excellent source of easy digesting carbohydrates and tons of vitamins and minerals the body needs (including fiber!), and the leafy greens help keep the fiber count up, and provide volume to meals without  a ton of extra calories.

Seriously, have you ever seen what 200 calories of spinach looks like? No way you’ll eat all of it and still be full. We try to make sure there are veggies at every meal (to help fill us up easier), and we use the fruit as some small serving snacks throughout the day. 

One great option for a high protein meal with minimal extra calories: mix up 3-4 cups of your favorite greens, cut up 4-6oz of your precooked meat of choice, add some greek yogurt based salad dress, and whammy! A brilliant low calorie, high protein meal! 

Iced Coffee

“Yes, is there a way we can put this directly into my veins without making it look like I have a problem? No? ….. could you do it anyway?” 

Deli Meats and Cheeses

LISTEN. A lot of people will tell you this stuff is “bad.” 

It’s not.

The only thing to note with deli meats is an increase in sodium. Deli meat at every meal is going to jack up your sodium count for the day and more than likely make you feel a little bloated… but once a day? Or having some in a pinch?  Nothing wrong with that. I personally love the blackforest ham from HEB.

Also, sodium is the main mineral that makes up electrolytes. So on the days you workout and sweat buckets, it’s not a bad idea to get some more in your system.  

As for the cheeses, we have pepperjack, shard cheddar, gouda, all of the fun sandwich cheeses. But the really good stuff is the low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese from KRAFT. This is a great way to add flavor to your salads or tacos (or even sandwiches) with far less calories than regular full fat cheese!

Obviously if you’re lactose intolerant, skip the cheese, but don’t be afraid of the deli meats in small servings.

Sauces, Salsas, and More Sauces

I’m a huge fan of using sauces as a way to make your foods more exciting or tasty, especially as you start to grow tired of that chicken you meal prepped from Sunday. Don’t suffer through it… just slap on a new sauce and enjoy!

Problem: most sauces are ridiculously high calorie due to all of the fats that are in the sauces… and if you’ve never measured out a proper serving size of a sauce, it can be a little saddening. So instead, let’s try and find some lower calorie substitutions! 

Here are some of our favorites. In order, Greek Yogurt Sriracha salad dressing, G-Hughes Sugar Free Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce, Trader Joes Green Dragon Sauce. All are under 50 calories per serving… so even if you do get a little heavy on the pour, you’ll be alright! Good thing about most fresh salsas too is they are going to be very, very low-calorie. 

Coffee Creamers

I’m usually a black coffee kind of guy, but Rachel is definitely not. We have a few coconut based coffee creamers with zero sugar that we can add a splash to some coffees to make them a bit tastier. Zero sugar = zero carbs = no extra calories (Sugar is a carbohydrate that has 4 calories per 1 gram. Get rid of the sugar and you get rid of the calories). 

Diet Sodas

Contrary to what certain media outlets and your friends misinformed blogs say, diet soda isn’t bad for you in small servings (like most of anything in the world). Want to know the low-down on how the overly vilified artificial sweetener works in the body?  Read this from Physiqonomics.

We use diet sodas as a way to combat our food cravings (small doses of caffeine can be a hunger suppressant) as well as hydration. Yep, your body actually does hydrate from a diet soda. Is it as much as water? Oh no. You absolutely need to drink majority water throughout the day. But one diet soda isn’t going to hurt you, especially if you’re using it as an alternative to another high calorie drink.



I’m a human who enjoys delicious craft beers. I don’t drink every day. I limit beer consumption to the weekends, and when I do drink I try to keep it to less than 3-4 over the day. Y’know, moderation and stuff.

But at one point in my life, I was definitely not drinking in moderation. It was 3-4 beers a night (Monday – Thursday), and on the weekends I would routinely crush anywhere from 6-12 beers a day with ease.

Strangely enough I found myself gaining a ton of weight, sleeping terribly, not being productive, and not performing well in my workouts. Weird, I know.

Whenever I committed to losing 63 pounds, I cut the beer out entirely. Well, almost entirely. I think I had 1 or 2 beers over the course of 8 months. If I could do it, you can too. You don’t need this stuff.

If you find yourself drinking every night though, I’d recommend keeping your beer in your pantry (so it’s not as enticing to drink). This way you’ll have to make a conscious decision to put the beer back in the fridge to cool it down in the morning before you leave for work… and your discipline is usually pretty high in the mornings! If you find yourself drinking wine every night, keep it out of the house (or at least out of sight). Hard to drink it if it’s not there!

Such hipster. Very craft. Many tastes. Wow. 

Also, if you find yourself in Portland and love beer like I do, you should absolutely head to Ecliptic Brewing. 


For the record, the basement freezer is still very weird to me, and there are some frozen items in the bottom that I can only assume have been engulfed by the freezer at this point. So long, frozen tuna filets. We knew thee well. 

The freezer has a little bit of everything here, so I’m just going to bullet point them. 

  • Frozen veggies: LOTS of these. broccoli, brussel sprouts, zucchini noodles… basically anything that Birdseye makes. It’s tough to steam fresh vegetables, but it’s easy to microwave a bag of these quickly. 
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cones and Sandwiches: Y’ALL. These things are awesome. Packaged in single servings so it’s easy not to over eat.
  • Yasso Ice Cream Bars: These are made from 2 parts greek yogurt, 1 part crack cocaine, and 6 parts love.  
  • Frozen Pizzas: while I do love some delivery, a frozen pizza is easy to cook and easier to keep in account with my daily allotment of calories.

Oddly enough… that’s pretty much it in there! 


Taking a dive into the pantry for a quick run down on some of the staple items we have in here… and more importantly what we do not have in there. 

  • Breads for sandwiches (low-carb for Rachel, regular for me)
  • Low-carb english muffins (pumpkin for Rachel, because ????‍♀️)
  • Single serving microwavable pouches of rice 
  • Tortillas for tacos (low-carb for Rachel, regular for me) 
  • Protein powders in case we need an easy snack 

… and that’s pretty much it in there. We don’t keep a lot of “easy to snack” food items in the house. Why? Because we’ll eat it all immediately.

The pantry is where I find most people struggle with their at home food life. Having chips, candies, cookies, cereals, pop tarts… all of those super delicious yet REALLY easy to overeat things is a recipe for disaster as far as your calories are concerned.

“But, my kids….” 

The kiddos do pose an issue here, and I’m not going to try and downplay that. I’m not a father yet, and I have zero parenting experience, but a good friend of mine (Cail Morrison) with 3 boys and a passion for their health and wellbeing says the following… 

“Kids mimic what they see, including nutrition!”

Cail and his wife Lindsey do an awesome job of setting up their environment for success for both themselves and for their 3 boys. Often when I’m scrolling Instagram stories I’ll see his kids sitting down for an afternoon snack… but instead of pizza rolls, you see veggie sticks. Pretty cool! 

Now, are Cail and Lindsey those parents that eats absolutely perfect everyday? Doesn’t allow anything “fun” in the house? Never takes their kids out to eat or do anything fun

Nope. Far from it. Their family enjoy all of the fun things just like yours… but they do this in moderation, not daily. Now those fun times are actually treats and special occasions, not just the everyday norm. 

Here’s a picture of Cail and I eating Whataburger on our way to the golf course so you know we aren’t those health nut purist hypocrites (you know, the people that say all of this stuff is bad on social media but then go face first into it but conveniently don’t post about it…). 

Long story short, if you find yourself getting derailed by the chips and the cookies, keep it out of the house. Your environment is a key component to your nutritional success.

Rachel and I haven’t had cereal in the house for the past 4 years, and while this saddens me deeply because of my unconditional love for cinnamon toast crunch, it’s for the best (Same thing with Oreos…ugh). 


So there’s a way too in depth look at our fridge and pantry… but the take aways I want you to have here are:

  • Keep protein ready to rock so you can keep a healthy portion of protein with all of your quick meals 
  • Make sure you’ve got fruits and veggies on hand, even if they’re frozen. The benefits of these at each meal are too numerous to list
  • Try and find ways to save calories without sacrificing taste
  • Don’t be afraid to have some of the things you enjoy as long as you can keep it in moderation 
  • If there are things in your house that you simply can’t control yourself around, recognize that this is OK, don’t beat yourself up over it, and keep it out of the house. Hard to eat it if it isn’t there

And if you’re reading this whole thing and still have zero idea what to do as far as nutrition goes, shoot us an email. We’d love to help you out! 

See you at the gym! 



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