So Why The Yellow Rose?

So Why The Yellow Rose?
-Clark Hibbs

Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions I get asked when we have a new member join up at the gym besides “How often should I workout” and “What kind of gear should I get” is this… 

So why the Yellow Rose? What’s behind that name?

And then I’ll usually give a super fast answer, because getting into it gets me riled up and a bit emotional.

“Well, the business version is that the Yellow Rose is a symbol of health, community, and joy. We wanted our gym to invoke those feelings to anyone who walks through the doors.

… but the other version? The first bouquet of flowers I gave my wife was a dozen Yellow Roses, and I had no idea that they were known as “the friendship flowers.” **CRINGE**

Let’s start with the business version of that answer.

We want our gym to be a super friendly and welcoming environment for every person that walks through the door. Gyms are intimidating enough for the average person, but then you add a name like “CROSSFIT POISON COUGH” or “CROSSFIT CHEMICAL EXPLOSION” or “CROSSFIT WARFARE.” (For the record… dibs on CrossFit Poison Cough).

Some gyms around the world have names that immediately invoke feelings of anxiety, fear, and a feeling that you won’t fit in. They make you think that every class is going to be taught by a shirtless meathead who is only concerned with playing the latest Swedish death metal and pushing every single member in class to the point of vomiting. Everyone else in class is super hardcore and not smiling. No time to smile when you’re this fit!! This is a place only for the ELITE fitness people!

Not our thing. Not in the slightest. 

We’re a place where anyone and everyone is welcome to get a great workout under the watchful eyes of a professional and passionate coach. Our members are the friendliest, most supportive, and most welcoming group around. Everyone has the genuine feeling that they want to see you succeed and improve on your journey to better health.

THAT’S our thing, and we think a Yellow Rose is the perfect symbol for that.

Now, the cringe-worthy story of me giving my then-girlfriend a bouquet of friendship flowers… 

I’ll keep it short, but basically I was head over heels smitten for my wife ever since I saw her walk into a former gym’s doors. I was sitting on the air-bike with our friend Shannon, and said, “Whoa, who’s that?” 

After a few conversations with her where I was completely awkward and tripped over every other word, she agreed to go to dinner with me. A few dates later, I decided I was going to really make a move and show up with a bouquet of flowers. Not just any flowers, YELLOW ROSES, because red roses seemed to cliche and I wanted to be different! 

She absolutely loved the Yellow Roses, and I was on cloud 9! 

Well, that’s until I was talking with my older brother and told him about the yellow roses. 

“DUDE. Bad move. Yellow roses are friendship flowers. She’s going to think you friend-zoned her. You need to make a clarification quickly…” 


So we texted and I told her about my embarrassing mistake… but it turns out it couldn’t have been any better. 

Turns out, Yellow Roses are a big part of her family. Her grandfather used to give her grandmother yellow roses every week, and it became a sweet symbol of their relationship. They weren’t just romantic like the red roses suggest… they were best friends. 

And you know what? That works perfectly for us too, and I couldn’t be happier sharing this life and all of the experiences it throws at us with my best friend. The Yellow Rose is our thing now, too. 

The Yellow Rose is a perfect symbol for our gym with it’s welcoming feel, and friendship invoking feelings. We’re a community of health and friendship! And, selfishly, it’s a daily reminder about one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… asking that girl from the gym out on a date, and bringing her the friendship flowers that would eventually turn us into a family. 

-Clark Hibbs


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