1 Tip To Improve Your Relationship With Food

One of the best things you can do to improve your relationship with food?

Get rid of the labels of “good” or “bad.”

While the internet and social media really, REALLY want to outrage you by telling you that literally everything you eat is bad for you… at the end of the day a balanced diet of mostly whole foods with a few treats in there isn’t going to hurt you.

There are certain strategies and decisions you can make that will either get you closer or farther from your goals, or keep you exactly the same (which is just fine… you shouldn’t always try to lose weight).

Want to know why you always want to get back on the wagon come Monday? It’s because you keep telling yourself you’ve “been bad” all weekend.

But were you actually bad? Or did you just eat more and drink more than you do on Monday – Thursday?

Did you go out and club baby seals for no other reason than bloodlust? Did you commit acts of betrayal because you get high off of that feeling? Did you starve your pets to fuel your god complex?


You just ate a bit more than usual. You weren’t “soooo bad” because you had some extra ice cream or that second glass of wine. You just chose to enjoy that moment. That doesn’t make you bad, and there’s zero reason to be angry or upset with yourself about it.

Maybe instead of saying you were “sooo bad” you say, “My actions didn’t align with my goals, and that’s OK.” Say that enough times, and your actions will begin to align with your goals. If you continue to get frustrated that your actions aren’t aligning with your goals, all you have to do is change your actions. Simple enough, and zero question of morality.

Get rid of the good/bad labels, and gain a much better perspective of your own decision making


Clark Hibbs coach at Yellow Rose Fitness


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