Your 8 Minute Morning Movement Check

by Clark Hibbs

If you’re like me, then you’re a living, breathing, human who wakes up with the normal symptoms each day (if you’re a robot, no need to read the following).

  • Creaky joints
  • A little stiffness in the low back, hamstrings, possibly even quads.
  • Some nagging little tweak that always reminds you it’s there in the mornings (hello, left shoulder)

These are inevitably going to happen, especially if you are working out consistently! But, there’s a way that we can extinguish or eliminate these little discomforts for the rest of the day first thing in the morning.

The 8 Minute Morning Movement Check

This shouldn’t be thought of as a “workout” either. You’re not going to be covered in sweat by the end of this, but you WILL be feeling much, much better and ready to start your day. We have to get that body moving, and those joints lubricated! Think of it as some quick time to check in with the body, and make sure it’s moving well. It’s also a good time to see if there are any potential new problem areas that you might need to spend some extra mobility time on!

When you wake up, start that pot of coffee, find some space in your living room, and perform the following routine:

Move for 8 minutes…
-10 toe touches + :10 hanging toe stretch (hold the bottom of a toe touch for :10)
-10 air squats + :10 air squat hold (hold bottom of a squat for :10)
-10 high plank to T (5 right, 5 left)
-:30 seconds of pigeon pose per side
-:30 seconds of child’s pose 

…and that’s it! Depending on how quickly you move through these, you can get anywhere from 2-4 rounds. Just listen to your body! Some mornings you’ll move a little faster, and some a little slower. It doesn’t look complicated or crazy because it doesn’t need to be complicated or crazy for it to be very effective! If you can do this each and every day first thing in the morning, I guarantee that you’ll start your day feeling fresh, recovered, and you’ll get rid of those creaky joints and pesky aches!

Simple daily movement can be some incredible medicine. If there’s another movement that you know will be beneficial for your body, throw it in there as well. For now, get started with this thing 7 days a week, and feel the immediate benefits!

If you have any questions, please let me know!



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