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Murph Prep Starts NOW

by Clark Hibbs It’s that time of year again! It’s getting hot outside (or hotter if you’re in Texas…), school is winding down, and that big workout you go through every year is coming up… MURPH 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run

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The warm up matters.

The warm up matters.  In a typical class, you’ll see a few elements. You’ll see a board brief, a warm up, a strength/skill work, and some conditioning work. We all like skill/strength work. It’s fun! It’s exciting! We love pulling heavy weights, squatting, pressing, developing gymnastics skills… all the good

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A Letter To New CrossFitters and Exercisers

A Letter To New CrossFitters and Exercisers HI! Thank you so much for clicking on this blog. I hope the title caught your eye because you’re either a new CrossFitter, or you’ve just recently picked up exercising. Let me give you some background on me first. My name is Clark.

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5 At Home Workouts You Can Do This Week

5 At Home Workouts You Can Do This Week Here are 5 workouts you can do right from your living room this week! *Disclaimer – You should always get clearance from a medical professional before doing any sort of strenuous activity* WORKOUT 1 Set a clock for 10 minutes and

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Nike Creates Plus Size Line – Internet Loses Their Mind

Nike Plus Sized Clothing Nike has recently expanded their offering of athletic clothing by creating a Women’s Plus Sized Clothing line. Nike announced this news on March 3rd, with the statement, “Athletes have a desire to get the best fit and function in their apparel. They also want to feel good.

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