Overcoming Obstacles – How to Be Consistent

“Uhhh, sure. I can be there within the hour.”


It always happens. You think life is moving along well. Things seem to be cruising and you’re getting everything done…


Then daycare calls. Your entire day (potentially week) just changed.


My daughter, Birdie, decided that her immune system was optional that day, then decided to rocket vomit all over the class. Good times. This was at 9:25AM, right before I was supposed to head in for a 9:30AM workout with the Yellow Rose crew.


Immediately, Rachel and I initiated our sick-day protocols. We got on the phone, ran through our schedules and things we couldn’t miss, and made a quick plan for the rest of the day while we cared for up-chuck.


I canceled my personal training appointments. I swapped some to-dos for the day to a few days away. Rachel did the same. Then we asked each other a very important question:


“When are you going to workout today?”



Exercise is a core value and habit in the Hibbs household. Whenever we are consistently exercising, we are consistently better human beings who can show up in all aspects of life better.


But it’s not always easy.


Daycare calls.

Figurative (and literal) fires at the businesses.

Oh crap, did we forget to get that thing for that other thing at school?

Uh oh, so and so is sick. I have to go cover it…


And I know it’s now always easy for YOU either. We aren’t special (we’re very privileged, but not special). You’re busy just like we are. In this fast-paced world that still for some reason praises people who perpetuate busyness as a state of status, exercising can easily be kicked to the curb.

Life can be so exhausting.


But what’s really, really important to me and absolutely vital to my well being is making sure I prioritize exercise… even if it isn’t the best workout ever.


I hear from people a lot that “I’d do anything for my kids” yet they don’t exercise.

They’ll do anything for their kids, but they won’t hold themselves to a higher nutritional standard.

They’ll do anything for their kids, but they won’t change destructive habits.


And don’t get me wrong. I WILL do (almost) anything for my kids, and there’s a bit of admiration for those that are willing to sacrifice their own health for their kids…


But I can’t sacrifice my health.


I’ll cancel appointments to care for them.

I’ll turn down social events.

I’ll drive X distance so they can get the best care, coaching, fun… whatever they need…


But only after I’ve taken care of myself.


Without my health, I can’t do anything for them. I must prioritize this in order to be the best for my family.


“Sure, Clark. That’s all fine and I’m sOoOoOo (sarcastically) proud of you for not missing your workouts. But how do I do that?”


It’s simple, but it’s not easy.


We have to let go of the expectation that exercise needs to be something incredible each day.

We have to be flexible with the hand that we’re dealt some weeks.

We have to have tools to help us workout in any situation (keep reading, I’ll give that to you).


Most importantly…


We have to prioritize exercise, and make decisions that align with our value of taking care of ourselves.


Here’s how we can be consistent.


Analyze Your Week – Find 3, 30 minute Chunks of Time.


That’s it. Just 30 minutes. You’ve got that. It might not be at your preferred time of day to workout, but I know you can find 30 minutes. Usually whenever you sit down to analyze your week you can find 45-60 minutes 3-4 days a week. Boom. That’s where you workout.


Write that into your calendar, planner, or whatever you use to manage your time. Ideally this is a class at Yellow Rose, but if it’s a walk/jog before you pick up the kids, then that works too. You know when else works? About 30-60 minutes before you usually get up for the day.


Once you take a look at your week and see that you actually have time to workout, you can begin the first step of accepting that you can do this consistently.


Tell Someone When You’re Going to Workout


Could be your partner. Could be your boss. Could be your kids. Could be your bestie for the restie.


Tell them. Speak it into existence… what are people saying these days… manifest it? Sure. Do that. Tell someone your plans for fitness. You’ll be surprised at just how supportive people usually are whenever you’re committing to workouts, and you’ll be amazed at how much telling someone else will get you fired up for it too.


Have a Backup Plan (Here’s Your Free Gift)


I get the best workouts EVER whenever I’m in attendance at Yellow Rose. The community, camaraderie, the coaching, the music, the entire experience… gah, it just makes my workouts so much better.


But when daycare calls and I can’t leave a kid at home by themselves covered in a stomach bug, I have to have a backup plan. Or maybe for you, the boss walked in at 4:50 right before you were trying to leave for that 530PM class… you need a backup plan.

There are a few things we can do…


Option 1) Treat today as a rest day.

Check out your calendar. Are there other days that you could make a workout happen? Sweet. Let’s do that. Easy pivot.


But in the realm of kid sickness, do you think they’ll be back at school tomorrow? Hmm. Maybe we shouldn’t let an off day turn into an off week.


Option 2) At-Home Workout.

Listen, I just described to you that my workouts at the gym are the BEST. But just because we aren’t getting the best workout possible doesn’t mean it’s not worth getting in a workout. In the words of John Welbourn, “Exercise is like moving a big-ass pile of dirt. Some days you get a shovel, and some days you get a spoon. As long as you move some dirt, you’re getting closer.”


So here’s my gift to you. It’s 24 At-Home Workouts you could do with no equipment. Bookmark this page on your phone, and remind yourself that you can always get in a workout at home, even when things don’t go as planned.




Somethings better than nothing, especially when it comes to fitness. It’s never a waste of time to do an easy workout, and it’s never a waste of time to only do something little.


What matters is that we continue to flex our consistency. It’s the most important figurative muscle in our body. If we can make sure that we do something… ANYTHING… 3-4 times a week, you’ll never fall slowly out of shape.


Developing the skill to do something little while things are crazy is tough, but it’s a tough thing that has huge benefits. You’ll be a better role model for your kids. You’ll be healthier for your kids. You’ll feel accomplished and happy… which will help you show up better for your kids.

If you’ll do anything for your kids, learn this skill and continue to flex your consistency.


Clark Hibbs coach at Yellow Rose Fitness


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