Keep it Simple When You Start

Keep It Simple When You Start

-by Clark Hibbs

If you’re just trying to get in generally better shape, you really don’t need to overthink this whole exercise thing.

Seriously. This isn’t exactly rocket science. While there are a lot of factors that go into working out, we really don’t need to brainstorm too much to find an effective dose of fitness for the everyday human being. For the most part, we just need to move our bodies and get sweaty for general fitness. General fitness being looking good, performing adequately, and feeling great about ourselves. 

Just do something.

I know, that’s not the sexy answer that many trainers in the online world or the local 24-Hour gym will tell you. They’d rather sell you their complicated periodization plan along with the complete supplement guide for X goals that partners with the perfect nutrition plan for maximum gainzzzzz.

And while these programs, guides, and paired plans ARE valuable (extremely valuable, in most cases), they are useless when you are first starting out.

Why? Because they are for the experienced trainee. You are not there yet, and that’s OK. We have some other hurdles we need to get through before we worry about that stuff.

That hurdle is the front door. It’s showing up each and every day. It’s cultivating the habit and discipline to workout and SWEAT multiple times a week.

“But WHAT do I do to sweat?! There’s so many studios out there… so many different running plans online… I picked up a health magazine and one article says I should lift heavy weights and another one says I shouldn’t…. I just don’t know what to do?!?!” – a lot of people.

I’m going to say it again…

Just do something.

-Put on those running shoes and go for a jog, or even a long walk.
-Dust off that Jillian Michaels DVD and get to work (heads up though, she yells a lot).
-Head to the local training studio and realize that everyone in group classes are just like you, and have far more empathy for people starting out than you realize.
-Do some simple workouts at home
-Do 30 burpees every day.

You know, just do something. Doesn’t really matter at first. Just start building good habits of working out consistently.

After you’ve cultivated the habit of showing up consistently each and every week, THEN you can start to fine tune it.

But for now… Show up, get sweaty, be happy.

Keep it simple.

Fun fact — we keep it simple here at CrossFit Yellow Rose. If you want to come check it out, have some guided instruction, and get an awesome workout, shoot us an email at inf[email protected] and we’ll be happy to get you in!

-Clark Hibbs


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