Engine and Abs!


The past 5-6 weeks, the Yellow Rose crew has been taking on some extra work after each class. We’ve been putting up some “Bunz and Gunz” extra credit, and it was a huge hit! Our athletes had some great fun doing extra, non-CrossFit, movements… AND we saw some great carryover into our CrossFit! Oh, you’ve got stronger shoulders from doing all of those tricep extensions? Looks like you just PR’d your overhead squat!!

As the CrossFit open looms, we’re going to get into our next extra work cycle.

We’re calling it: ENGINE AND ABS.

Engine, meaning our cardiovascular work capacity and endurance, and abs, meaning…well…abs.

The extra work will consist of high intensity intervals of running, rowing, or high rep bodyweight movements designed to jack up the heart rate and sustain it. These won’t be crazy long extra work sessions (15 minutes tops), but doing these while operating during a fatigued state (after classes) will help you further develop that aerobic threshold we all so dearly need. The goal: have a greater engine, and stronger abs by the time the CrossFit Open rolls around. It’ll help you get through whatever nastiness Dave Castro has in store for us (and if you follow him on Instagram, it’s looking to be a particularly spicy season).

While these might not seem as enticing as some good old bicep curls, these will have a greater impact on your overall fitness. Give these a go if you’re looking to get in a little extra work after your class!

Looking forward to seeing all the fitness gainz after we’re done with this one! Let’s keep it rolling! 



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