Daily Workouts Are Templates

Daily Workouts Are Templates
-Clark Hibbs

There’s a lot to be said about our workout philosophy and methodology. So much that it could be a 10,000 word post if we really wanted it to be, and that would be on the short side.

But today will just be a brief note about our daily workouts.

The daily workouts are a recommended template for the day, not the end all be all.
Meaning, we coaches want to make sure *you* (the individual in class) have the best workout possible that day based on your own unique fitness journey. Often times that means actively choosing to not perform the workout as it is prescribed on the board. It might even mean not striving for “rx” that day.
Yes, I know. Heresy! Blasphemy! HOW DARE THEE SMITE MY GOALS!
But the truth is, while accomplishing the workout as prescribed is an awesome feeling, it’s also not necessary in order to achieve an optimal workout. In fact, sometimes trying to go prescribed will actually give you a worse workout!
The most important thing for you each day in class is to honor the intention of the workout and achieve the appropriate stimulus.
  • Completing the workout at the appropriate loading
  • Completing the repetitions for the workout
  • Achieving full range of motion
  • Finishing the workout in the right time domain (or total score in AMRAPS)
  • Having the right RPE for the strength sessions (and even metcons!)
If you need to deviate from the board in order to get the best workout for you that day, EXCELLENT. DO IT!
If you are going to try and shave reps, fudge the range of motion, and finish in the wrong time domains just for the sake of trying to do what’s written on the board, THAT’S A NEGATIVE GHOST RIDER. That’s not helping you!
Do the best workout for YOU, and let us coaches help you come up with it
-Clark Hibbs


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