CFYR Core Value – Positivity

Day Four: Positivity

In case you haven’t read the first three blog posts…. Go do that! They’re short reads. This will still be here when you’re done.

Day one was Quality. Day two was Service. Day three was Passion. And today is positivity.


“The state or character of being positive.”

Positive – consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence.

We all know that a positive attitude can go a long way. Positivity is KEY when making goals, sticking to them, and following through. There’s a rough road out there full of negativity and doubt, but positivity is your golden chariot to ride through it without a scratch.

Rachel and I have a mantra that we’ve been holding ourselves to since the beginning stages and thoughts of Yellow Rose:

Relentless positivity, no matter what.

Why the relentless positivity? Because there are many, many things in life that you can not control… but there ARE things you can. Your happiness, and your state of positivity being a few of those. We can choose to let the rough roads and tough times leave us downtrodden and morose, or we can pick ourselves up, smile, and carry on in a glow of positivity. That’s not just a saying for life, but can also be applicable in your fitness. Maybe there’s a movement that gives you hell every day in the gym, or maybe those last few pounds just aren’t coming off like you want them to. Instead of falling trap to the negative voices in your head, we can choose our outlook and how we handle the situation. Your relentless positivity will go a long way in your growth. 

At Yellow Rose, we want to leave a positive impact on everyone’s life. We cultivate meaningful relationships through the crucible of fitness, and the coming together as community. In order for these relationships to grow, we keep positivity at the center. Positivity is our glowing aura that surrounds all of our core values. In everything we do, we do it with a positive attitude.

Tomorrow, for the final instillation of these blog posts, we will talk about the final core value at Yellow Rose: Growth.

-Clark Hibbs


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