“Busy” is a lack of priority

“I really wish I could workout. I just don’t have the time.”

“I know I haven’t been to class in a couple of weeks, I’m just so busy.”

These are things we hear all the time. We now live in a “grind until you die” society that emphasizes longer hours and glorifies that nasty B word… “busy.”

As the title states, I believe that being BUSY is really just a lack of priority.

I wish I was profound enough to think of this on my own, but I actually got this from a Chase Jarvis video, and it gave me a completely new outlook on EVERYTHING (PS – you should really watch that video). One of the thought exercises that Chase asks you to do in the video is remarkably powerful. “Next time you find yourself saying ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m too busy,’ say ‘this is not a priority for me right now.” In his video, the example is a father telling his daughter that helping her with her homework just isn’t a priority right now, rather than him being “too busy.”

Damn. GUT CHECK right in the pride!

The first time I tried this thought exercise, I instantly thought about all the times I had told people, “sorry, I’m too busy,” or, “I MEANT to do the dishes, babe… but I was just too busy.” In all reality, I wasn’t too busy at all. I blew people off because being with them at that time wasn’t a priority. I chose not to do the dishes because the priority for me at that time was to relax… even though my priority REALLY is striving my best to make my wife undeniably happy every single day (sorry about the dishes, Rachel…). You can look at your entire day and really see where your priorities are. This isn’t an exercise to make you feel bad. It’s an exercise to keep you honest.

“Actions express priorities.” – Ghandi

Damn! Another gut check! Thanks, Ghandi! So now I have to ask myself… what are my truthful priorities? I tell people that my priority is to be a good husband, see all of our clients reach their goals/potentials, and run a successful business. But are my actions reflecting that each day? Could I be doing more for those three categories rather than just sitting on the couch and scrolling through Facebook while Netflix drones on in the background? Obviously there has to be some work/life balance in there and time to relax/play (and work on my own fitness!), but a truthful audit of my days are what get me to my most productive days on all three of these categories.

We can take this exact same thought exercise into our fitness/wellness. Everyone wants to be in better shape, or finally start that diet, but is it ACTUALLY going to be your priority? Is getting yourself to a healthier way of life really that important to you? Now, this doesn’t mean we expect health/wellness to be your priority 100% of the time! Sometimes, your priority is going to be skipping the gym to go be with your friends (which is good for you!). Other times, it’s going to be to enjoy that DELICIOUS pizza you’ve been looking forward to all week. However, if you truly want to be a healthier individual, then your priorities should express a healthy lifestyle the majority of the time.

Don’t tell me you want it. Show me you want it. All it takes is showing up and putting in the work. Just. Show. Up. 

Let me know if you need any help getting started with prioritizing your health and wellness!

-Clark Hibbs

6 down, 25 to go.




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