Work the Weakness

by Clark Hibbs

We all have inherent strengths in our training.

Some of us are super strong.
Some of us have killer cardio.
Some of us have a crisp technique.

And yeah, it’s really, REALLY fun for us to focus on and make sure we show up on those days our strengths are being highlighted. Why? Because we’re good at them. It makes us feel GOOD.

But we all have inherent weaknesses in our training as well.

Some of us need to build strength.
Some of us get killed by cardio.
Some of us say a prayer before a lift and hope everything works out.

THESE are the things we truly need to be working on. We are never trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths (not possible), but we are trying to increase a level of overall competency in those areas. As in, we’re always trying to get better. If you can elevate the weaker parts of your training, you are in fact, a more well rounded individual (something we’re going for with our general health and wellness).

So if you’re getting killed by cardio, it’s probably best you show up to those long workouts.

Getting buried by the barbell? Better get those glutes into the gym for squat days.

Don’t avoid the tough days. Embrace them and work your weaknesses.

(PS – if you improve your weaknesses, everything else gets better!)

-Coach Clark


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