Why We Don’t Do Contracts

Why We Don’t Do Contracts

One of the first questions we receive from prospective members, or members who are ready to join is an industry standard: “So what is the contract length?” They are usually pretty happy whenever we smile and respond with, “Well, we don’t do contracts! It’s just month to month until you no longer need us!”

I thought I would make short post today about WHY we don’t do contracts. Contracts are pretty popular in the fitness/CrossFit industry… but we have one solid reason why they just aren’t for us or our members here at Yellow Rose.

We Never Want To Take Your Business For Granted. Service is a core value of ours.

You want to know why the service is always so terrible at Comcast, Dish Network, AT&T, or any of those other big service providers? Because once you’re locked into a contract… what’s the point of providing the best service possible? They’ve got your money! They don’t care about what service you’re getting, because you are STILL going to be with them (unless you find a better deal somewhere else… but then you’ll have to deal with THAT terrible customer service as well!). 

We want to be on top of our game with every single class here at CrossFit Yellow Rose. Every single time you walk through those doors, we want you to feel like you are getting a professional and quality level of service. Our facility will be clean. Our coaching will be top notch. Our workouts are going to help you reach your goals. We will record your workouts for you. We will always have clean and serviced equipment! Our service is what sets us apart from other gyms!! If we FAIL to provide a clean facility, world class coaching, and the best workout in town, we 100% EXPECT you to take your business somewhere else. You will never be taken for granted here. We value you and appreciate your trust in us too much to do so!

There are a multitude of other reasons why we don’t do contracts… but that is the main one. We want you to feel appreciated and valued when you’re a member at our gym, and a contract simply won’t do that. We will work hard for you every single day to make sure you get the best experience possible.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out!

-Clark Hibbs


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