Time To Dive In

*Time To Dive In*

I’ve got a challenge for you this week.

I want you to take action towards something that you’ve always wanted to do… or take serious and direct action towards a goal that you have.

and no, I don’t mean like, dip a toe in the water kind of thing… I want you jumping into the deep end on a goal of yours.


Kind of… but also not really.

You see, we LOVE the idea of small tweaks that yield big changes when they’re sustained day after day, week after week…

But maybe your small tweaks are a bit too small.

*Ok, now it’s time for real talk*

I think too many people, myself included, take the easy way out with “small tweaks that lead to big changes.” Because maybe, just maybe, you aren’t pushing yourself or challenging yourself enough to actually see those changes.

Yep. You’re comfortable and are no longer pushing yourselves for more improvement.

(Note – if you’re 100% content and happy with every aspect of your life, keep doing what you’re doing. But I know the majority of us want to continue improving some aspect of our lives.)

It’s pretty easy to justify anything we do as a small tweak, but I think we all have to be more honest with ourselves about the actual effort we’re putting forth to get to our goals.

I mean, when’s the last time you actually made a conscious effort to challenge yourself to get yourself towards your new goal? As in, you thought long and hard, made a commitment to yourself, and actively worked each and every day to get there?

Most of you guys have been CRUSHING small tweaks that are leading to big changes… but it’s probably time to UP those tweaks!!

Let’s up that tweak game, playa.


I want you to think real quick… what do you want to accomplish?

This can be anything you want. Doesn’t have to be fitness related.

After you think about what you want to accomplish, think about some small tweaks that could help you get there… but also think of something completely overwhelming and way too challenging (EX: You want to get strict pull ups vs you want to compete in the CrossFit Games next year).

Now, let’s take aspects of BOTH sides of this, and establish how we’re going to go about getting there. Take some small tweaks from the tweak list… but also take a bit of challenge from the overwhelming side. Put a little bit of, “oh shit, that’s going to be tough” into your small tweaks. Most of the time, that comes from setting a timeline on trying to accomplish those goals.

Because without challenge, you won’t see change. You have to make some actual changes if you’re going to see those goals come to fruition.


I’m not saying to dive into the deep end on a complete lifestyle change that is going to leave you frustrated, overwhelmed, and completely hopeless after you can’t sustain it… because that’s no way to live.

but I’m also not saying to take the easy way out and set little itty-bitty goals that aren’t actually a challenge you at all. You need to challenge yourself more to see a change.

Let’s find that balance between not enough and too much, and absolutely crush some goals.

Let us know if we can help you at all!

-Clark Hibbs


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