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The Rules of the Gym

It’s November of 2016, and we are officially open! We’ve got an awesome group of people already signed up, full classes, and lots of fitness happening. It truly is something magical seeing a new community grow, and we know we’ve only scratched the surface. This group of people will do incredible things inside and outside of this building, and we are honored to be a part of it!

The rules of the gym are pretty simple.

  1. Work hard
    • Goes without saying. You come in here to get a great workout, and you can’t do that without your best effort!
  2. Be nice – greet new faces!
    • Remember how intimidating your first classes were? That’s exactly what that new person is feeling! Help them feel welcomed. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll make a new friend!
  3. Never put equipment away until the last person is finished
    • We cheer everyone on until everyone is done. Your equipment is fine sitting on the floor until everyone finishes!
  4. Check your ego at the door
    • We’re all here to get better.
  5. Listen to your coaches. They have your goals in mind!
    • If we EVER tell you to do something, it’s in your best interest, not just because we want to be mean! We will always happily discuss our reasons!
  6. Respect the facility
    • Remember, this is YOUR gym.
  7. Effort is most important, not your score
    • You can’t fake effort. Effort is key!

We’ve got a bright future here, and we know each and every one of you reading this do too! Come check us out, get a great workout, and make some new friends.  

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