The Ideal Athlete

The Ideal Athlete

by Clark Hibbs

There are a lot of trainers and coaches out there who have their idea of what the premier or ideal athlete that walks through their front doors would be. Many gym members and fellow athletes even have their own idea of what they think the ideal athlete would be. For most coaches, they think of the ELITE as their ideal athlete. They place them and their talents on an untouchable pedestal as a beacon of superiority for their gym. After all, the more they post about them on Instagram, the more “legit” they will look as coaches and the more attractive their gym will look to prospective members, right?

While the elite athletes are all fine and impressive, they are not the ideal athlete if we only look at their talents. We need to dive deeper into who they are as people. When we look at “ideal,” physical talents are not even a part of the equation. 

They Are Committed and Consistent

Our ideal athletes prioritize their health and wellness. They don’t do it for us, and they don’t do it for others. They do it for THEMSELVES because they respect themselves enough to put their health and wellness first. They understand that there are no quick fixes in the fitness world and are committed to consistency throughout their journey with us. Their effort everyday is unapologetically 100%.

They Are Coachable

Our ideal athlete walks into the gym and is ready to learn. They posses a beginner’s mindset every day and are ready to triple down on every opportunity to get better. They are receptive to criticism, soak up knowledge, and work hard to make improvements each and every day.

They Are Kind And Supportive To Others

We are a community of likeminded individuals all trying to reach our goals. No one person is more important than the other, and the ideal athlete makes sure to help and support their fellow athletes. The ego is checked at the door, the bad vibes are shaken off before walking on the training floor, and the high fives begin to flow as they support everyone with a smile.

It’s pretty simple. Our ideal athlete’s work hard and are nice to others.

THAT is a look at our ideal athletes (and lucky for us, every single person here fits that criteria). There was no mention of physical benchmarks passed, no history of excellence on the field, and certainly no minimum requirement for experience. Our ideal athletes all have different goals. Some want to make a major change in their lives. Some want to maintain current levels of fitness. Some want to train for competitions outside of CrossFit. The ideal athlete may come in many forms, but are all  committed, coachable, and kind.

Work hard. Be nice.

-Clark Hibbs


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