Thanks, Colleen.

There are a few things in life that I know I can count on…

  1. Always enjoying the feeling after a workout.
  2. Topping my 3 wood on a par 5 after I’ve let the green clear
  3. Colleen showing up 10 minutes before the 5AM class, and claiming the spot closest to the bay door.

Since the early parts of 2017, Colleen has been a staple of our 5AM class, and while the gym itself has gone through a multitude of changes, we’ve always known that Colleen would be there, front and off-center by the bay door to get in her workouts. She’s there 4-5 days a week like clockwork, making consistent and steady improvements to her health and wellness. She’s made so much progress since she’s been here at Yellow Rose, and it’s all because of her consistency and dedication to her weekly workouts.

Colleen is a busy mom of 2 awesome boys, a wife, an attorney, a volunteer, and a lady who seems to be everywhere (like that one time I saw her at the Justin Timberlake concert!). If you were to know her outside of her fitness family, you’d already be pretty inspired by her.

But if you know all of these things, AND you see her getting after it in the gym 4-5 days a week for the past 5 years? Sheesh. She’s not just inspiring…

She’s a bit terrifying, but in the best way.

Like, HOW does she do all of it?! It’s scary!!

She’s nice to everyone. She’s always giving someone words of encouragement and building them up. She’s always there to greet new people. She always says thank you for the class. She’s always down to share a laugh with you in the lobby, or do an extra mile jog after class.

and then she just goes about her day, doing badass lawyer things, being an awesome wife, mom, and being involved in the community.

She’s terrifyingly amazing, and I love that about her. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed about things in life, I know I can look to Colleen and get some much needed inspiration.

Colleen, I can’t thank you enough for being such a staple in our community.

For always introducing yourself to the new members.

For always working hard, and being nice.

For investing in yourself each week at Yellow Rose.

For being an inspiration to more people than you realize.

For being an absolute joy to be around.

Thanks, Colleen. Looking forward to many more days of you prioritizing your health and fitness at 5AM at the spot by the bay door!



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