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Castro Cares About Work Capacity

(pictured above – Dave Castro explaining 17.3) “Castro Cares About Work Capacity” Come on, Dave. Couldn’t you have just read the scorecard and been ok with it?? Why all the confusion? Anyway, 17.3 is not as complicated as TDC tried to make it out to be. It’s actually a very

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Nike Creates Plus Size Line – Internet Loses Their Mind

Nike Plus Sized Clothing Nike has recently expanded their offering of athletic clothing by creating a Women’s Plus Sized Clothing line. Nike announced this news on March 3rd, with the statement, “Athletes have a desire to get the best fit and function in their apparel. They also want to feel good.

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Why We Cap Our Classes to 12

Let’s paint a quick picture. You’ve been doing your research on CrossFit. You’re really excited, eager, and ready to rock. You love the fact that each gym is lead by a coach that is supposed to be there to help you learn, correct form, and be a motivating force that

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“Busy” is a lack of priority

“I really wish I could workout. I just don’t have the time.” “I know I haven’t been to class in a couple of weeks, I’m just so busy.” These are things we hear all the time. We now live in a “grind until you die” society that emphasizes longer hours

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Unconditional Support

I wrote the post below on my Facebook page on Monday. This might be considered “cheating” for my 31 day writing challenge, but I believe it’s an important reminder that everyone should see, especially this time of year (and it’s good to see it again!). March is the time when people

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