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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect. You Just have to Show up.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect. You Just Have To Show Up. Something I hear from potential members all the time… “I need to be in shape to do CrossFit.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. The first step to getting in shape is just to walk through the doors.

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Benefits of Morning Workouts – Give the Mornings a Shot

Give the Mornings a Shot If you’ve been reading the blog, you probably know that I don’t think ANYONE is too busy to workout… working out might not be your priority, but you aren’t too busy to workout. The glorification of being busy in America needs to die… but that

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The warm up matters.

The warm up matters.  In a typical class, you’ll see a few elements. You’ll see a board brief, a warm up, a strength/skill work, and some conditioning work. We all like skill/strength work. It’s fun! It’s exciting! We love pulling heavy weights, squatting, pressing, developing gymnastics skills… all the good

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A Story About Hazing and My Most Hated Word.

A Story about hazing and my most hated word. Note: This was originally written in March of 2017. Slight edits have been made. I knew ever since I started the blog that I wanted to write this one… but every time I felt like writing it, I would get a little

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When Should I Modify?

When Should I Modify? The best part about CrossFit? CrossFit is scalable for any and all ability levels. It doesn’t matter if you have chronic disease, you’re out of shape, you’re young, old, fast, slow… we can take today’s workout and scale it to your current level. But how do

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Coach Gets A Coach – Week 1

**Pictured: How I look on Day 1 at 225 pounds** Coach Gets A Coach – Day 1 It’s time for me to get a coach and practice what I preach to my clients on a daily basis. For a long time now, I’ve simply been going through the motions as

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Tips on Plateaus

**Pictured – Me hiking across the plateau in the Grand Canyon… get it?** Tips On Plateaus Plateaus are inevitable. You’ll start out training, see great progress quickly, and then those results will slowly steady out. After a while, you might even feel like you’re not making any progress at all.

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My Music Education Degree Was The Best Degree

My Music Education Degree Was The Best Degree I’m a fitness professional with a music degree. I look like a jock, but I can play the hell out of the trumpet. I’ll throw down with you on a metcon, and then tell you why Gustav Mahler was such an influential composer

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So What’s GPP Again?

So what’s GPP anyway? We get a lot of questions about what kind of workouts we do here at Yellow Rose. Most of the time I’ll respond with, “Well, we are a GPP centered training style. It’s constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. This means that our workouts change

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A Letter To New CrossFitters and Exercisers

A Letter To New CrossFitters and Exercisers HI! Thank you so much for clicking on this blog. I hope the title caught your eye because you’re either a new CrossFitter, or you’ve just recently picked up exercising. Let me give you some background on me first. My name is Clark.

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