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Coach Check In: 9 weeks of 12

Pictured: 9 weeks in. 198 pounds. Coach Check In: 9 weeks of 12 Welp. Here we are. 9 weeks later out of this 12 week journey with coach Josh and Stronger U. I weighed in at 198 pounds yesterday. That means I’m 27 pounds down since starting 9 weeks ago.

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3 Week Update – Coach Clark’s Nutrition Journey

*4/14/2017 – Day 21 – 211 pounds – and a bad hair day*  Three Weeks Into Stronger U Today was my three week check in with my coach, Josh, for my Stronger U nutrition program. It’s been three weeks of weigh this, measure that, plan your day, hit your numbers,

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Interview with Mike Doehla of Stronger U

Interview with Mike Doehla of Stronger U I’VE GOT A GUEST ON THE BLOG!! The guest is Mike Doehla. He’s the man in charge at Stronger U Fitness and Performance. The specialty of Stronger U is diet and nutrition for clients of all ages and abilities levels from around the

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