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The Ideal Athlete

The Ideal Athlete by Clark Hibbs There are a lot of trainers and coaches out there who have their idea of what the premier or ideal athlete that walks through their front doors would be. Many gym members and fellow athletes even have their own idea of what they think

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When Should I Modify?

When Should I Modify? The best part about CrossFit? CrossFit is scalable for any and all ability levels. It doesn’t matter if you have chronic disease, you’re out of shape, you’re young, old, fast, slow… we can take today’s workout and scale it to your current level. But how do

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A Letter To New CrossFitters and Exercisers

A Letter To New CrossFitters and Exercisers HI! Thank you so much for clicking on this blog. I hope the title caught your eye because you’re either a new CrossFitter, or you’ve just recently picked up exercising. Let me give you some background on me first. My name is Clark.

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