So What’s GPP Again?

So what’s GPP anyway?

We get a lot of questions about what kind of workouts we do here at Yellow Rose. Most of the time I’ll respond with, “Well, we are a GPP centered training style. It’s constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. This means that our workouts change daily so you don’t get bored, the movements have a direct impact on movements performed in everyday life, and we like to do them at a high intensity for cardiovascular development… but only when you’re ready!”

And then I get hit with…

“So what’s GPP again?”

Fair enough. Let’s dive into it.

GPP is an acronym for General Physical Preparedness. General physical preparedness (GPP for now on) can sometimes be confused with sport preparation phase (SPP). Sport preparation phase can also be known as sport specific training, as in, the entire training cycle is centered on one thing: getting better at that one sport.

A fighter will train like fighters should.
A football player will train like football players should.
A basketball player will train like basketball players.

They don’t want to cross-contaminate their training regimen that might take away from their results on the field. A football player will most likely never train for a half marathon. They’ll train for short, explosive bursts of power and speed. A fighter won’t pull a 1RM deadlift. They’ll train for agility, endurance, and quickness. See what I mean?

GPP is different.

GPP is a balance of strength, conditioning, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Basically, anything you can think of as a characteristic of fitness, we want exposure to it! GPP means you aren’t a specialist in one category like a marathon runner or a powerlifter. There’s a phrase I like to use… “We want to out lift the runners and out run the lifters.”

We use components of all avenues of fitness. Some days, we train like strong men (heavy sandbags, farmer carries, etc.). Some days, we run 400m repeats like endurance athletes. Other days, we try our best to make the Tokyo 2020 gymnastics team (or just work on getting our first strict pull ups!). More often than not, we combine multiple training elements to try and produce well rounded, physically prepared athletes.

We want you to be able to tackle ANY challenge that life throws at you.

Moving all day? Sure thing. Want to hike the Grand Canyon? Let’s go! Need to sub in for that extra football game AFTER you’ve already played in one? Put me in coach! We don’t care about cross-contamination of workout programs… our whole life is an adventure of exploring different avenues of fitness! We are generally, physically prepared for anything life may throw at us!

Hope that can provide a little insight as to what we do, and why we do it. It’s FUN. Don’t believe me? Come try it out!

-Clark Hibbs



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