Positivity – Yellow Rose Core Values

In case you haven’t read the first three blog posts on Quality, Service, and Passion, check those out first.

Today we talk about a core value that I think is incredibly important for a fitness business, but definitely has a ton of nuance to it.


“The state or character of being positive.”

Positive – consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence.

We all know that a positive attitude can go a long way. Positivity is key when making goals, sticking to them, and following through. There’s a rough road out there full of negativity and doubt, but positivity is your golden chariot to ride through it without a scratch.

Now, that being said, we do understand and value negative emotions as well. In fact, if you choose to shut out and go numb to negative emotions, how can you truly experience positive emotions or positivity in general?

Rachel and I used to have a mantra when we were young and kidless – relentless positivity, no matter what. 

Aww, how little did those two youngsters know… hah!

While I love the gusto of that mantra, it’s short-sided and a very dismissive and narrow view in our pursuit of service to our clients. If I ever came at you with the “just be positive” coaching style, I’m truly sorry. I’ve grown a lot in the past 5 years, and I now know relentless positivity can do more harm than good (looking at you “good vibes only” people).

That being said, it’s still vitally important to have a positive outlook on things, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

We equate positivity with a growth mindset. Do you see the glass as half full, or half empty? If it’s half full you’re grateful that you have half a glass of a delicious beverage. If you see it half empty, you’re upset at what you don’t have.

Plus, who would you rather be around? Someone positive, or a negative Nancy? Since you’re around yourself all day, we think you should try your best to look at things in a positive light. Yes, negative feelings are valid and we need to feel them… but AFTER you feel them, are you going to react positively or pack it in and call it quits?

Let’s keep it positive, and look for the opportunities to continue to grow. (Speaking of growth, that’s our last core value. Check the next blog post for that one!)

At Yellow Rose, we want to leave a positive impact on everyone’s life. We cultivate meaningful relationships through the crucible of fitness, and the coming together as community. In order for these relationships to grow, we keep positivity at the center. Positivity is our glowing aura that surrounds all of our core values. In everything we do, we do it with a positive attitude.

-Clark Hibbs


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