Plan Your Week, Plan Your Days

*Plan Your Week and Plan Your Days*
-by Clark Hibbs
It doesn’t matter if you claim that you’re a spontaneous person or a rigid type-A scheduler kind of person… *everyone* can benefit from doing some simple planning for the week.
What you plan and the detail of the plan depends on your current place and your goals. This is all highly individualized, but as a whole I’d like to offer this tip…
Plan when you’re going to make it to the gym.
It doesn’t have to be done in a color coordinated and miraculously sketched out planner that some of our Type-A folks make… but it should be a simple plan to get to the gym.
Not just a plan, but a commitment to yourself.
If you’re like me, it’s really easy to get psyched about going to the gym… but when that time comes, it’s also REALLY easy for me to put it off last minute if I don’t have it planned out in my schedule.
  • Morning of, I’ll cancel for more sleep.
  • Afternoon of, I’ll cancel “because I didn’t get enough work done.”
  • Any other time, I’ll just cancel for whatever reason (usually because I’ve looked at the workout… bad move!)
But, something about having a designated gym time written down in my planner, or in my google calendar keeps me so much more accountable to getting in my fitness.
I don’t know the exact psychological science behind it, but I know that acknowledging that I have a commitment to myself to better my health and wellness that day keeps me on track to get in that workout.
So write it down on a sticky note and put it on the fridge.
Write it down in your calendar.
Type it into Google Calendar and send an invite to your WODBuddy (or me, I’ll hold you accountable).
Plan out when you’re getting to the gym this week, and keep that commitment to yourself.
-Coach Clark


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