New Coach Alert!


The gym is GROWING. Thanks to all of your hard work, dedication, and welcoming attitude towards anyone and everyone, we are ahead of our original projections for members!

With this growth, we need to grow the coaching staff as well. The coaches that we add will exemplify our core values (quality, service, passion, positivity, and growth) as well as embrace and embody professionalism with every class they coach. 

Ladies and gentleman, the team at CrossFit Yellow Rose would like to extend a huge warm welcome to Daniel Solano, the newest coach at CrossFit Yellow Rose! Daniel has been in the CrossFit scene for a while, and we are so fired up to have his knowledge and experience on the team at Yellow Rose. Here’s a quick note from Daniel:

“Along my fitness journey I have gone from being an uneducated 14 year old doing nothing but bench press 3 times a week novice, to a gym-rat that fell into the back & bis/chest & tris rut, and finally to a CrossFitter that understands the benefits to a general physical preparedness program. It has been a journey that led me to be a CrossFit coach for 4 years and an owner of a CrossFit gym for 2 of those years.

It is now with great pleasure that I find myself in the next phase of my fitness journey by being a coach for the amazing members here at CrossFit Yellow Rose. I look forward to seeing a lot of the same grimacing faces that I am familiar with from my old coaching days, but more excited to meet the people I don’t already know and aiding everyone in their journey to a fitter self! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and am excited to be a part of the CrossFit Yellow Rose Team!”


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (re-certified 2016)

CrossFit Mobility Certificate Course (2010)

CrossFit Kettle Bell Certificate Course (2011)

CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate Course (2011)

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate Course (2012)

We are unbelievably excited to have Daniel on board, and even more excited to get him in front of all of you to start coaching. When you see him around the box, please help us in congratulating him!


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