Modify and Make Progress Faster

It’s very, very easy to think that the fasted way to progress is to perform the hardest movements possible…. right?

Not so much.

Performing movements just for the sake of performing them without any attention to detail or quality movement will not get you where you want to be. We need to perform PERFECT movement if we’re going to progress

We were talking about push ups for the strength portion of our workout the other, and I was on a soapbox about perfect push ups (Me? On a soapbox?! No way…) and I said the following…

“If you continue to do bad push ups, you’ll continue to be bad at push ups.”

What I was trying to get across wasn’t an attack on anyone, it was a little reminder of the basic principles we have with movement. We have to master the basics before we can progress onto more advanced movements.

And while the push up may *seem* basic, it still requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength and core stability to perform properly. If performing a perfect push up from a high plank position is still giving you fits (locked out at the top, controlled descent, chest touches the floor without quads touching, press back to lockout), don’t continue to stunt your progress by performing mediocre push ups. Modify the movement so you can attain full range of motion, quality muscle contraction, and perfect execution.

Not sure how to do that? Well, good news for you, you’ve got a pretty amazing team of coaches here that can help you out 🙂 we’ll always do our best to spot these things and point them out to you, but we’re always super excited when someone says, “Hey coach, will you watch these for me and help me out?” Ask and you shall receive!

Make sure you come on in and see us! We’ve always got the right workout for you.



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