Member Spotlight – Elvia

Each week, we’re going to highlight one of our amazing members here at CrossFit Yellow Rose. Our members all have some pretty incredible stories to tell, and we want to share them with the world!

For this edition of the spotlight, we called on Elvia! Elvia and her husband Anson are some of our original members with Yellow Rose, and the progress they have both shown since starting with us is pretty incredible. Check out our quick Q&A with Elvia!

Tell us a little about yourself in 5 sentences or less. Where are you from? Are you a parent? What are your hobbies? Anything unique about your life you want to share? (etc etc)
I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, but grew up here in Houston. This is my sixth year as an intermediate school orchestra director, and I have just recently started a masters in music education program at Boston University. My husband and I are parents to two sweet fur babies, Herbie and Obi-Wan. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends, trying new restaurants around the city, and even dropping into a spin class every now and then! Functional fitness!

Why did you start CrossFit? What was life like before?  
I started CrossFit mainly because I was struggling with consistency. Home workouts are fun, but my husband and I were always quick to make an excuse to change the channel and watch Star Trek: Voyager instead. Without regular exercise, my mental health also suffered, and every new day at work was another uphill climb that took all of my energy.


How has life improved?
With CrossFit, I love the community aspect and team spirit that it brings. It’s also taught me to appreciate and love my body for what it can do. Who knew that I could deadlift 300 lbs? Or survive a hero WOD like Murph? CrossFit has taught me to push my body and my mind further than I ever thought possible. Through a close friend that I made at Yellow Rose (shoutout to ya boy Steve Brown), I discovered the value of meditation. The combination of the great workouts, friendships, and mindfulness has truly sparked so much joy in my life. CrossFit is there for me on the good days and the bad!
What do you love most about Yellow Rose?
The people. Definitely the people! I love that we can all stare at the workout together and say, “awww crap,” but then finish it, fist bump, and encourage one another to come back and do it all again. The sense of community that this place has is incredible. I have met some of my closest friends here and I am forever grateful for that.


What would you tell someone on the fence about starting CrossFit?
CrossFit is not about going to the games or becoming the fittest person on earth. It’s about self discovery and knowing that you truly can do this. It’s not just another workout — it’s community, accountability, fun (because get real, workouts have to be fun),
friendships, growth, and so much more. Come try it!

Thank you so much for being such an awesome part of our community, Elvia (and Anson!)! We love having you here and can’t wait to see you continually progress!

If you’re ever interested in giving CrossFit a try with us, reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get you all set up!




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