March Check-In Challenge

March Check-In Challenge

It’s almost March in the city of Houston, which means a couple of things: unseasonably warm temperatures, patio season coming to an end, and people dusting off their boots and cowboy hats for the upcoming rodeo season.

Rodeo season is a fun time of year in Houston. There are events, concerts, parties, and committees to volunteer your time on! All great things! Unfortunately, all of these commitments can also take away from your everyday life and routines that contribute to your health and wellness. We want you to remember one thing during Rodeo season: your health and wellness is a priority. It always has been, and it always will be.

SO, we are going to try and keep the fine folks at Yellow Rose extra motivated during the month of March.

March Check-In Challenge

It’s pretty simple! We always preach that if you can get to the gym three times a week, or twelve times a month, then you are doing enough to continue to see results through our GPP program (assuming we are also paying attention to nutrition, sleep, etc). For the month of March, if you check in to Yellow Rose classes a minimum of 12 times, you’ll be entered in to win some valuable prizes! On April 1st, there will be no jokes about the names we select for the prizes! All contestants will be entered into a name drawing and be drawn at random. The prizes will include:

1 Free Yellow Rose shirt or tank!

24 pack of Fitaid or Kill Cliff… winner’s choice!

$20 gift card to Slowpokes (Oak Forest’s newest coffee shop!)

GRAND PRIZE: Lululemon Gift Card for One Top and One Bottom (shirt and shorts!)

We are excited to keep your health and wellness a priority during Rodeo season, and we are even more excited to give away these prizes! Check-ins for this challenge begin March 1st! If you have any additional questions, please let us know!
-Clark Hibbs


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