Instant Gratification and Fitness

by Clark Hibbs

In a world full of next day delivery, Amazon Prime, one-touch ordering, and gratuitous amounts of “On Demand” services, it can be tough to remember that so many things take a lot of time.

I mean, I really wish I could just open up my iPhone and Amazon Prime some new, stronger muscles. Or choose an on-demand training program that would get me that 6-pack in one 15 minute training session. Then I wouldn’t have to train. I could just sit at home, kick back, and get stronger.

But that’s not how this works, unfortunately.

It takes time to develop new, positive habits.
It takes time to see results from our training.
It takes time to get where we want to be physically, financially, emotionally.

And that time is very dependent on each individual person.  Sometimes, it’ll fly by. Sometimes it will drag on and on forever like the waiting room at the DMV. But the cool thing is, we’ve all got time that we can use to accomplish our goals.

When we first decide on a goal, we have to first accept that this will not come quickly. Frankly, if you can get that goal quickly, it’s probably not worth it and not very important to you. The long term return on investment isn’t worth the short term burst of effort.

Then it’s a pretty simple process after that acceptance. You do the right things consistently, every single day, and you let time pass. The frustrating part of this is you won’t necessarily see those goals come to fruition, or even feel as if you’re making any progress day to day. THAT alone is what kills so many peoples hopes, goals, and dreams.

Patience and persistence will go a long way when you’re trying to accomplish something. Just because you don’t see the immediate benefits does not mean you’re wasting your time.

“Don’t let the lack of instant gratification/success ruin the patience required for long term return on investment.”

Stay consistent. Stay patient.

-Coach Clark


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