How To Handle The Holidays

By now, you’ve been inundated by fitness professionals telling you how to handle Thanksgiving. 

That’s great, but most of them miss the point.

The few holiday/family events we have in a year don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s what we do on the boring and mundane days that really matter.

Let’s look at Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day (40 days).

You’ll probably have, what, 4-8 events that food will be around at that time? Some more, some less, sure… but for the average person that would be…

  • 2 Thanksgiving meals

  • 2-4 meals/events in December

  • 1-2 New Years Events

Let’s just call it 8. From today until the New Year, you have 8 meals that are going to be questionable from a calorie standpoint out of 120 total meals (assuming you eat 3 meals a day).

8 OUT OF 112 (and probably less for most of you!)

Don’t stress about the few events. Those are supposed to be fun. It’s the other 112 we need to focus on. Set up a pattern of behaviors and systems that will ensure that the other 112 meal opportunities are aligned with your fitness and health goals.

8 vs 112. What do you think is going to have the bigger impact?

If you need help figuring out those 112, shoot me an email at [email protected] We’ll get you sorted.


PS – Canned Cranberry sauce is the best. I’ll be eating this straight out the can!

Clark Hibbs coach at Yellow Rose Fitness


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