Growth – Yellow Rose Core Values

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We’ve talked quality, service, passion, and positivity. I can’t think of a better subject to end this blog series on than our last core value: growth.


“A stage in the process of growing. Progressive development.”

The concept of growth when thinking about your interaction with a fitness facility is pretty simple. You set goals, you try to attain these goals, and whether you succeed or you fail, you’ve grown as an individual. Read again – whether you succeed or you fail, you’ve grown as an individual.

That’s right. Growth doesn’t always come from the PRs, the weight lost, or the performance numbers boosted. Those metrics are a byproduct of your hard work, your constant attention to detail, your relentless search for improvement, and your commitment to showing up each day.

The growth is in the consistency and process.

And we aren’t just talking about a core value of growth from a fitness perspective. We are trying to help you grow in many aspects of life through the vehicle of physical fitness. I mean, how GREAT have you felt after completing a workout?

“Wow. I can’t believe I did that! I’m awesome!”

Yes, yes you are awesome!

Now there’s a boost in your confidence and self-worth. Increased levels of confidence are going to transfer in BIG ways to the world outside of the gym. You can wake up every morning and attack the day at full speed! Increased productivity, better relationship management, expressing more kindness/gratitude… and to think, all of this happened because you got your butt to the gym! You are growing as a person because of the sweat!!

Having a growth mindset is never a weakness. It will allow you to tackle anything that life throws at you, and it will keep you from losing your path.

Keep growing, my friends.

If you’ve read all of these blog posts, or even just one of them, THANK YOU for your attention. I really mean that. It can be pretty intimidating to put your thoughts to paper and share them to the world… but knowing that I’m reaching even a few people alleviates any of those stresses and worries. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll see you at the gym.

-Clark Hibbs


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