My go to quote when I need motivation.

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My go to quote when I need motivation.

My go to quote when I need motivation.

I work hard. I work VERY hard. While most days are fun and energizing, there are some days that I can get into a funk. These funks can be pretty draining for me physically and emotionally. I’m not a great husband, I’m not a great coach, I’m not a great entrepreneur, and I’m definitely not a good person. It seems like during those down times there’s little to nothing I can do to pop out of them and get back moving.

However, I’ve found a quote that really, REALLY works for me.

It actually comes from a Casey Neistat video named “Life Explained in 27 Seconds.” In this little video, Casey brings to life a musing from the Farrelly Brothers. It reads like this….

Life is like going the wrong way on a moving sidewalk. 

Walk, and you stay put. 

Stand still, and you go backwards. 

To get ahead, you have to hustle. 

I think this little musing speaks so strongly to me, especially when I’m in a funk, NOT because of the “hustle” (I actually despise the overuse of that word) … but from the third line of it. “Stand still, and you go backwards.” 

One of the core values of Yellow Rose, as well as one of my own core values, is GROWTH. In the analogy from the Neistat video, when you’re walking or standing still, you definitely aren’t growing. And in my opinion, if you aren’t growing you’re DYING. That is some pretty powerful motivation for me to get up and start getting things done. That little nudge forward will get me to knock out something small, which can have a pretty powerful snowball effect on my productivity. Before you know it, I’m operating at full capacity. Funk is gone. Growth is IN.

So, next time you feel like you need a little kick in the pants in regards to your work, fitness, relationships… whatever it may be. Watch the video and get fired up.

-Clark Hibbs

11 down, 20 to go.


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