Freeway to Fitness – Choose Your Lane

by Clark Hibbs

I find myself using a specific analogy a lot lately with all of the new members we’re getting at Yellow Rose.

See, even after they make the decision to walk through the front door and get started, they’re still faced with some intimidation. I mean, your first time exercising with a group of people is intimidating, even if they’re a really friendly bunch (like our members!).

“Imagine this gym is like a freeway. We’re going to give you the keys to the car, and you drive as fast or as slow as you want to until you feel more comfortable.”

That’s right. When you walk into the doors of CrossFit Yellow Rose, you’re given the keys to the car (your body), and you get to drive that car as fast or as slow as you want to on the Freeway to Fitness (aka the best freeway ever).

Just like in real life, each lane on the highway has it’s place for motorists.

Some of our members want to push as hard as possible each and every day. They’ve been driving for a long time, so they feel comfortable and confident. They use the Google Maps ETA as a challenge and are hellbent on going as fast as possible. They’re in the fast lane. Vroom vroom.

Some of our members are just trying to get a good sweat in, push themselves a little, and feel good. They like to go 5 over the speed limit, but don’t want to push it TOO much. They’re cruising in the middle lane.

And our new people? Well, think back to the first time you drove on a freeway. Scary as hell, right? You hugged that right lane TIGHT and probably went 5-10 under the limit. But even going slow, you still got to your destination safely.

Even those crazy folks in the fast lane started out going 5-10 under while hugging the right lane tight. It’s totally fine to go your own speed, because we’re still going to get you to where you want to be.

Don’t get intimidated by the fast drivers. Just get on the freeway, stay in your lane, and when you feel ready, step on the gas pedal and change lanes.

-Clark Hibbs


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