Fitness and The Holidays

Many of us are cashing in on PTO, traveling for extended periods of time, or doing the multiple family gatherings dance over the next 10 or so days.

“How am I going to keep up my health and fitness?!”

This is a very common question and fear around this time of year. There are a few ways we can handle this, and ALL of these options are good options.
YEP! You can do it. Let your family know that you need to get your workouts in. Wake up early, get it done, and go about the rest of your day. Even a simple 20 or 30 minute sweat session can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety about this season.
As much as we want to think that a 20 or 30 minute sweat session can off-set all of those cookies and beverages, they just won’t unfortunately. So let’s be mindful of our food and beverage intake while we’re going through these holiday times.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to keep your health and fitness in check during the holidays. You will inevitably run into family members that wish they had the same dedication and decision making as you who will try to pull you down to their level, and when that happens, a simple smile with a “no thank you” is all you need!
Yep. Take a BREAK! Turn off your mind from your workouts and let your body get some good rest. Enjoy that second cookie or that extra glass of wine with a relative you’re catching up with. Drink the eggnog. Get the second serving of the Christmas Feast. Take a break!
I know, I know. Option 4 seems to completely and totally negate options 1-3, and it looks like I’m sending incredibly mixed messages. Well, that’s because I am. What works for YOU might not work for the person who usually works out at the 5:30PM next to you. What works for them won’t work for me, and so on and so on.
We are all on our own journeys here, and for one thing I think that it’s so damn awesome that we’re in a place where we can all be supportive of each other in those journeys.
Want to keep your Christmas feast portions small so you can nail those macros? HELL YEAH. You better get it.
You did the Level 3 workout before opening presents?! Hot damn, you’re awesome!
You’re taking the next few days to relax and give your body rest, nourishment, and a safe space to *not* do fitness? ABSOLUTELY YOU ARE. Fantastic work. That’s perfect for you.
Everyone’s journey is a bit different, and everyone is going to handle these next 7-10 days differently as well. No matter what your aunt (who you haven’t seen since last Christmas) says to you, remind yourself you’re doing the right thing for you!
What option do you think you’re going to take? I usually am a BIG fan of Option 4, but with my half marathon coming up in January, I’ll be doing Option 1 with a bit of Option 2.
Whatever option you take, it’s the right one. If you’re unsure what option would be best for you, or if you’re still feeling some stress and anxiety about the holidays, please email me at [email protected] and we’ll chat about it!
-Coach Clark
Fitness Coaches Houston


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