FAQ and Policies

FAQ and Policies

Take a quick look at our Frequently Asked Questions and Policies!


Have a question? Read this first! We might answer it for you! If it isn’t answered, never hesitate to get in touch with us!

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Email: [email protected]  or one of the coach’s emails!

Phone: (832) 915-0456

Do I need to reserve my spot for classes?

Yes you do! We want to bring the highest quality coaching to every single class, and the best way to do that is to keep our classes to a small amount of  athletes Monday through Friday (Saturday we will allow 16). 

Can I freeze/pause my membership?

Yes you can. We only recommend this if you are going to be gone/absent for longer than one month. When you freeze or pause your membership, you are considered “cancelled” in our system. NOTE: If you freeze or pause your membership, you will be subject to the current rates upon reinstating your membership. 

How much time do I need to give for canceling my membership? 

At Yellow Rose, we do NOT do contracts. We simply do a month to month withdraw of your account. We require 7 days WRITTEN NOTICE before your billing date. If you fail to provide 7 days written notice, you will be subject to the next billing cycle. 

What should I bring to class?

YOU! You’re the machine we utilize to get you to your highest possible level of fitness. Other things you might bring: water bottle (we have water fountains to fill these up!), towel, WOD gear accessories, etc.

How long are the classes?

Classes are 60 action-packed minutes long.

When should I show up?

Do your best to arrive 10 minutes before each class. This gets you in a good state of mind for training!

What if I’m late?

We will open classes to other athletes who didn’t get a chance to reserve 10 minutes from start time. As long as you can get there before that 10 minutes, you’re good! If you’re going to be later than 10 minutes, cancel your reservation and sign up for the next class.

What happens if I miss a class I reserved for?

Everyone gets 1 freebie (just 1…). Additional missed classes that you have reserved for will result in a $10 charge to your account. We don’t do this to be mean. We do this to be fair!

What is the programming like?

Our programming is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity (you know… CrossFit!). We believe that a general physical preparedness is essential to building functional human beings. To dive deeper, our program is:

  • Consistent, yet varied
  • Challenging, yet inclusive
  • Serious, yet fun

These three bullet points go into all of our program consideration. We want to bring you the best possible program to get you to your goals, so individual modifications are often utilized!

What does a typical class look like?

Our classes will change from day to day (remember, routine is the enemy!), but often we will follow a simple outline of a warm up, skill or strength session, and then a conditioning piece (Metabolic Conditioning = METCON). Sometimes we will do the METCON before the skill piece just to throw something different at you!

Where do I park?

Park at the front of the building. All athletes should enter through the front door of the building, check-in at the front desk, and then head to the gym! We’re lucky to have over 45 usable parking spots, so this should never be an issue for you!

Where do I put my stuff?

We will have storage in the front area of the building to put bags, but we will also have space available inside the gym for storage.

Can I bring a friend to try it out?

ABSOLUTELY! We want you to share fitness with as many people as possible… that’s why we started this gym! Here are a few guidelines for when to bring them.

  • If they are beginners with zero CrossFit experience, please email [email protected] to set up a free trial consultation.
    • DO NOT bring an inexperienced athlete to a regular class without consulting a staff member before hand. This will benefit your friend, the coaches, and the rest of the athletes in your class. The free intro is designed for beginners… like your friends!  
  • If they have experience, please give the coaches 24-48 hours notice. This will make sure we can appropriately reserve their spot for the class. We still uphold our athlete cap in each class.
  • Saturday morning workouts are a great time to bring experienced CrossFitters to check us out!

Does my friend need to pay?

If your friend is attending the free intro class, then no! It’s 100% free!

If your friend is joining a regularly scheduled CrossFit class, then they will be subject to our drop-in fee of $20. To make things easier, we can simply add that charge your your account!

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, you can bring the family! We ask that you keep them OFF OF THE TRAINING FLOOR during classes. This is for their safety and the safety of other athletes. If your child will not sit still long enough for this to happen, we will have to ask that you make other accommodations. We LOVE kids and families, but we want everyone to be safe!

Can I bring my dog?

We love the pups, but they can often be too distracting and take away from your training experience. We ask that you leave them at home and really focus in on your training! If we are holding events at the gym where no training is happening (parties, charity events, cook outs), feel free to bring fido!

Can I bring my cat?

Uhh…. sure? Wait… no? You want to bring your cat? Umm…. let’s use the same policy as dogs, please!

You say strict cap on athletes Monday – Friday. What about Saturdays?

Saturdays will often be team based workouts. Since we will essentially be using half of the equipment (two people sharing), we will up cap size to 16. This is a fun way to see people from other classes and get a chance to throw down with a high energy atmosphere! Please make your reservations for Saturdays, please! 16 is all we can hold per class!


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