Express What You Possess

Express What You Possess
Clark Hibbs

When working out, we coaches want you to “express what you possess.”
Stay with me here…
Ever leave a workout feeling like you’ve been absolutely crushed? Destroyed? Dismantled? Feeling like a puddle of goo where you contemplate on if you could even come in to workout the next day?
Yikes. Sounds like we pushed it too hard. We either used too much weight, did too tough of movements, or simply pushed beyond what our body was capable for that day (since every day we’re feeling a little different…). You expressed what you did not possess for the day.
On the flip side… ever leave a workout feeling like you’ve done absolutely nothing? Still fresh? Barely sweating? Like you just woke up from a nice Sunday nap on the couch?
Sounds like we didn’t push it at all. We either didn’t use enough weight, modified the movements too much, or simply didn’t push very hard even though we are capable of much more. You did not express what you possess!
The perfect place to be? Right in the middle of those 2 situations.
  • We want you to push, but we don’t want you to overdo it.
  • We want you to challenge yourself with new movements, but we don’t want you to get obliterated by doing too tough of a movement for the day.
  • We want you to honor the intention of the workout and workout in the right stimulus. Somedays that might mean you scale it back, and other days that might mean you kick it up a notch.
Everyone possesses a certain level of fitness each day. When you come workout with us, we want you to express what you possess.
(also, obviously, some days are going to be completely different for you and you’re going to need completely different workouts and movements… and that’s OK! That’s what we coaches are here for!)
-Clark Hibbs


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