Effort is All That Matters

Effort is All That Matters  

by Clark Hibbs

This fitness thing can get pretty monotonous at times. It can seem like everyday you go through the motions. Show up to the gym, do the warm up, hit the workouts, go home. It can be very easy to fall into a lull or a plateau, especially the longer you get into this lifestyle.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there’s one thing you can ALWAYS control, every single day, no matter what. That thing is your EFFORT.

Your effort is going to be the difference between a good training day and a bad training day. Your effort is going to help you get through the tough days, and help you thrive in the fun ones. Your effort is going to arguably play the single most important part in getting you to your goals. Your effort is the single thing that NOBODY else can control, and nobody else can take from you.

So you had a bad day at the office? You can still give us your best effort in the gym.

Worried about your job? You can still put forth effort in the gym.

You have a stressful few weeks ahead of you? You can still put forth your best effort.

Effort is all that matters.

My buddy John and I went golfing the other day. We both had a few rough holes, but we came up to a really fun par 4 that had some good scoring opportunities. We were faced with the decision to either lay up and play it safe, or get aggressive, put forth some serious effort, and try to drive the green.

“Well, we didn’t drive all this way just to lay up.” We teed it high and took a rip at it.

I think that same sort of thinking can be helpful every time you come to the gym. You didn’t drive to the gym to not work hard. You didn’t commit an hour of your day to just go through the motions. You’ve made the commitment to better yourself, to better those around you, and to become a more functional and fit human being.

We don’t care how much you lift, how fast you run, or how many muscle ups you can do. All we care about is the effort you put forth.

Have fun. Train hard. Give it your best effort every day. 

-Clark Hibbs


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