Coach Gets A Coach – Week 1

**Pictured: How I look on Day 1 at 225 pounds**

Coach Gets A Coach – Day 1

It’s time for me to get a coach and practice what I preach to my clients on a daily basis. For a long time now, I’ve simply been going through the motions as far as proper nutrition is concerned. I’d eat relatively “OK” Monday through Thursday, and then cancel it all out over the weekend with a large pizza on Friday night (EVERY Friday night), 4 breakfast tacos on Saturday morning, and then whatever happened to be convenient for the rest of the weekend. I would try to justify this by saying “It’s ok. It’s an 80/20 lifestyle.”

But here’s the deal: It doesn’t matter how great your nutrition is Monday through Friday if you’re just going to ruin it over the weekend. Nutrition is about steady consistency. 

Mike from Stronger U has a fantastic analogy that resonates really well with me, and I’m sure it will resonate with a lot of others as well.

“A carpenter and his team work hard to build a house starting on Monday. They make great progress, and the house is coming right along. Then Friday at 5PM, they douse it with gasoline, light a match, and burn it all down. When asked why they do this, the carpenter said, ‘It’s ok. We can work on it again come Monday.”

Dang! I’ve been burning the house down this whole time! No wonder I’m not getting closer to my goals! **Slams head into desk**

Why do I want a nutrition coach and program? Broadly, I want to look better, perform better, and feel better. And like I stated above, I want to be a better example to my clients (I’ll discuss more of my reasoning in a later post).

I won’t lie to any of you, I’m both excited and nervous. What’s comforting is that I know that this program works. Rachel started it about 9 weeks ago and is seeing fantastic results… and you can’t go 5 minutes on Facebook without seeing a dramatic before and after picture from one of Stronger U’s clients. It’s pretty remarkable! My favorite part of all this? I’m not being told to cut out ANY foods. There’s no demonizing of food here… just trying to make the right choices in regards to my calories and macronutrients. It’s incredible accessible for everyone.

Things I’m Excited For 

  • Learning more about proper nutrition
  • NOT cutting out foods, just learning how to make them work for me
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – this is a big one for me. I’ll be checking in with my coach weekly.
  • Sharing my experience as I go along
  • Feeling better, looking better, sleeping better
  • Abs. I won’t lie. I’m excited at the thought of having some nice abs.

Things I’m Nervous About 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – damn it! I can’t crush a whole large pizza on Friday?!
  • Properly preparing every meal for every day. While there is an element of flexibility with this nutrition program, a lack of preparation can be detrimental.

But that’s pretty much all I’m nervous about! As you can see, the excitement CLEARLY outweighs the nerves, and I’m ready to commit and trust the process.

Here we go! Day 1 is almost over on a 12 week journey. I’m really excited to see where this will go!

-Clark Hibbs

25 down, 6 to go.


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