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Time, Consistency, and Comparison.

Time, Consistency, and Comparison. -by Clark Hibbs ————— The other day I found myself disgruntled and frustrated with coach Dan. Not because of anything he did coaching wise or anything he said… but because he is so. freaking. fit. and I am insanely jealous.   Annoyingly fit, really. I mean,

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Express What You Possess

Express What You Possess –Clark Hibbs When working out, we coaches want you to “express what you possess.” Stay with me here…   Ever leave a workout feeling like you’ve been absolutely crushed? Destroyed? Dismantled? Feeling like a puddle of goo where you contemplate on if you could even come in

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What is Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)?

Rate of Perceived Exertion -Clark Hibbs “So today we have 3 sets of 5 reps in the back squat. We want this to be challenging, but not too heavy, so we want this to be around a 7/10 RPE. Any questions?”  “Yes, what the hell does RPE mean?” Very, very

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Why the EMOM?

Why the EMOM? -by Clark Hibbs I was chatting with one of our newer members the other day about the workouts we do at the gym (also known as “the programming”). We went through the usual questions and the usual functional fitness spiels…  “Our goal is to use movements that

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Stay on Track Friday – Sunday

*Stay On Track Friday – Sunday* -by Clark Hibbs Whenever I talk with people about weight loss goals, there’s one big area that we really try to focus on… Weekends.   Weekends can be tough whenever it comes to weight loss. There’s always events, parties, errands on errands on errands

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Plan Your Week, Plan Your Days

*Plan Your Week and Plan Your Days* -by Clark Hibbs It doesn’t matter if you claim that you’re a spontaneous person or a rigid type-A scheduler kind of person… *everyone* can benefit from doing some simple planning for the week.   What you plan and the detail of the plan

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Prioritize Protein

*Prioritize Protein* -by Clark Hibbs There’s one thing that I know everyone can benefit from in here nutritionally, and that is prioritizing protein at every meal.   Why? Welp, when you workout with us, your muscles breakdown and the protein that you ingest helps rebuild those muscles. More specifically, the

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It’s OK to not make progress.

It’s OK to not make progress. -Clark Hibbs I think the title of this post probably already gave away what I was going to touch on here, but there’s something that we all need to understand.   It’s 100% OK to not be “making progress” all the time. What do I

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Death. Taxes. Low Back Pain.

Death. Taxes. Low Back Pain. -by Clark Hibbs These three seem to be the things that are guaranteed in life, especially as we get older. However, like having a good accountant can make taxes less painful, we can do some things on our own to counteract nagging lower back pain

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Summer is Here – HYDRATE

-Clark Hibbs Y’all. Hate to break it to you, but summer is prrrrrretty much here. It’s hot, muggy, steamy, and guaranteed to make you sweat your tail off every time you workout (or go outside and get the mail, because you know, #Houston). Here’s deal — we all need to

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