There is no competition.

There is no competition. This post might not be the most popular with other CrossFit affiliate owners, but I’m not exactly in this industry to win a popularity contest. I’m here to help people. I’m here to treat every single person who walks through the door professionally and with respect.

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Work hard. Be nice.

Work hard. Be nice. There’s a mantra that I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s not profound. Yet it is elegant in its simplicity. Work hard. Be nice. This is one of those phrases that makes you say, “uh, well yeah…” when you hear it or read it.

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How I kicked the excess coffee

How I Kicked The Excess Coffee I get up early, and I work late. My alarm goes off at 3:45AM. I’m doing my best to get in bed by 9PM. That doesn’t leave much time for super restful and quality sleep. Before we brought on Launa and Daniel (#DreamTeam), I

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How To Handle The Holidays

By now, you’ve been inundated by fitness professionals telling you how to handle Thanksgiving.    That’s great, but most of them miss the point.  

Happy Birthday, Yellow Rose.

pictured above – the first ever group workout at Yellow Rose. 7 years ago, we opened the doors to our little slice of happiness in


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