The Daily Directive – Advancing Happy

Being a gym owner is the greatest job in the world for me, but it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. I have great days, I have bad days, I have “meh” days… But no matter what, I always try to do at least ONE thing each day that’s going to

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5 Ways To Avoid The Summer Slow Down

We’ve officially entered into the summer months. Ok, maybe not “officially” … that’s June 20th, but it’s May in Houston, so we’re calling it summer.   We’re almost to Memorial Day.Schools are letting out (or at least close enough where the kids and teachers are all mentally checked out).Those trips

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Not Seeing Results You Want? Read This.

I was talking with someone the other day at the gym. They had been training with us for just over a year, and they were beginning to feel a bit frustrated. “You know Clark, I just can’t seem to lose this last bit of weight, and I feel like I’m

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Summer is Here – HYDRATE

  Hate to break it to you, but summer is pretty much here. It’s hot, muggy, steamy, and guaranteed to make you sweat your tail

Why We Practice Bright Spot Fridays

If you’ve been in the Yellow Rose Members Only Facebook group on a Friday, you’ve probably seen people posting about Bright Spot Fridays. This is

Happy Lifting – Ladies Only

Gyms can be scary and intimidating places, and nobody knows this more than the women of the world. I mean, simply starting ANY fitness program


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